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Are you looking to get more people to your site? Would you like to expand your reach and join a growing community of experts? If the answer is yes (and how can it not be) then we’d love to have you join thechachaclub #SWEXPERTS team.

The Singles Warehouse Experts (started in 2010) is one of the largest collections of Dating Experts, Coaches, Trained Professionals and Experienced Daters on the internet. We came together to increase traffic and connect our readers directly with you.

As one of the largest dating e-zines online we’re always on the lookout for new experts.  If you want to get your work shared by thousands of people and be a part of the exciting online dating industry this is your opportunity.  Singles Warehouse can provide you with great resources, evolving reach and amazing growth potential (you’ve just got to act)!

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Who can be a #SWEXPERT?

Anyone with relevant experience can – that means you could be a sex therapist, a sex educator or even a dater stepping into the world of online dating for the first time. If you spend some time on our blog you’ll read a wide range of articles covering a scope of topics.

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We work hard to get your article the exposure it deserves. Like you, we want as many people as possible to read it! Linking to your site works wonders – check out some of the #SWEXPERTS who benefit.

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How We Help Share Your Work

[item title="We Use Twitter to Promote Your Articles - See How"]Have you followed us on Twitter yet? @singlewarehouse is a highly received dating and relationship feed. We turbo charge every article on Singles Warehouse to make sure they all get great exposure.

Check out some examples below;

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2,000,000 people use Facebook every month (according to Techcrunch) . It’s an audience we can’t afford not to take advantage of. Not only do we have the Singles Warehouse Facebook page we also have several other dating pages to promote content on. We generate comments, likes and shares on a daily basis to articles that educate and inspire the dating community.

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More and more people are browsing with their eyes so we take extra time to make your post as graphically pleasing as possible. Every single post gets an original title card making it fantastic on the eye and even better when shared.

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We work with some of the best sites in the business including Great Dating Blogs, Your Tango and Online Dating University. We’re also featured on media sites regularly.


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The Bottom Line

As you’ll find, through working together your work will gain exposure to the millions of people searching online for dating and relationship advice. Why not get in touch and let’s see what amazing things we can do together…




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