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Finding a free singles searches dating site can be tough, especially one that you’d then like to join and put your profile onto. That’s why at Singles Warehouse we’ve made a point of keeping our sign up process simple and free. We know you’ll be pleased with the result you find once you’ve joined and started to search for free singles.

Creating your single profile

With the click of a few buttons, some questions answered and a picture uploaded, you are almost ready to start your free singles search. We’ve even added a Facebook sign up option that will get you signed up in one click. Don’t worry – we never post anything to your wall and your personal details are kept top secret.

Send a free message to the singles who catch your eye

You’ll be able to send a free icebreaker email out to all your top searches. Make sure you’ve spent some time thinking about what you’d like this to say, especially since you’ll only get one chance to make a good first impression, just like a in a bar if you approached someone. Using your free singles search you’ll be able to identify just who this icebreaker should attract and if you get it right you’ll see those numbers in your inbox start to reach double figures in no time.

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And as people join the dating network remember you’ll be able to do another free singles search at the click of a button making Singles Warehouse the site you really should join.