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We love your work and would love to invite you to write a guest post on Singles Warehouse. We’re hand picking the matchmakers, bloggers, relationship coaches and industry experts that we want on our site.

We’ve invested in our redesign to make sure content is king. We’d love for you to be a part of our journey.

What can I write about?Guest Blog

We cover traditional love and relationship topics like communication, sex & intimacy, dating/online dating, marriage and starting over. As well as important topics like: dating self-care, personal empowerment, dating health and more. We’ve also got a huge library of topics so if you want some suggestions just get in touch.

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This is not a link building opportunity. We only accept the very best work and want to share amazing content.

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  • Reach a new audience.
  • Build your brand (or expand it).
  • Network.
  •  Continuous publicity. A guest post becomes part of our site – and we promote it!
  • We’re not Spammy – we’re a great Multi Author ezine that wants to showcase amazing original content. If your main reason is link building please don’t contact us.

Guidelinesblog company

  1. Your post must be original and not previously published either on the Web or in print.
  2. You agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or Web site. You may, however, post a brief “tease” or summary on your site that links to the post.
  3. You may provide up to three byline links: one for your blog or Web site, one for your bio or About page.
  4. We want to connect our readers to your social media, so please send us your Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages (optional).
  5. Your post should be at least 400 words long and no more than 800 words.
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