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Jonathan Bird, Managing DirectorJonathan Bird

Jonathan started Singles Warehouse in 2009 and has since watched it explode into one of the biggest and best dating resources on the internet. Proud of the #SWEXPERTS and everything they achieve, he loves to see many different messages delivered on Singles Warehouse because ‘it will resonate with someone’. A huge believer in IDIC – infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

Outside of the office Jonathan loves supporting start up companies, offering advice on growing dating businesses and playing on his xBox!

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Meena Avery, Managing Editor

Meena Avery

Meena Avery is the dating deviant you can’t help but love and wish you never met. She’s a quirky and heart-breaking romantic writer who’s a little too blunt, only likes to wear skirts, and shares extremely personal (often embarrassing) stories from her dating life, all while attempting to offer advice along the way. Meena’s journey has inspired her desire to let other hopeful-yet-frequently-disappointed singles know that they are not alone by creating her blog Impress Me…Please? Meena also contributes regularly to a variety of popular dating blogs and is currently working on her first book. Follow her @tweettoimpress for dating, relationship and love advice.

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V.V. BrowneVVB Photo

I’m a thirty something single broad putting the doomed in dating. Oh yeah, I’m bitter, sarcastic & have a knack for saying what everyone else is thinking. I wear the latter like a proud badge of honor. For me there’s nothing better than a well placed expletive. I’m going to figure “this” out. This being living life as a happy single woman. Not just for appearances but for like real. Let’s show the world that being single isn’t a death sentence, XO

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Dr Wendy Walshdr Wendy Walsh

Dr. Wendy Walsh is America’s thought leader on relationships, appearing weekly on CNN and Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor. She also hosts Investigation Discovery Network’s “Happily Never After” and authored the best selling book, The 30-Day Love Detox.

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Erin TillmanErin Tillman

THE DATING ADVICE GIRL, Erin Tillman, is a single life and dating expert living in Los Angeles, California where she currently hosts The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show on 99.3 KCLA FM. Erin has worked with several television studios, production companies, and radio stations including 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles. She’s a happily single girl who keeps a positive and realistic attitude in regards to men and dating. She helps singles add ‘fun’ back into their dating lives by showing them that enjoying the dating process is done by shifting ones mindset. Erin interacts with singles as well as other relationship, sex, and dating experts to learn more about dating trends and issues facing singles. She is the author of The Dating Guidebook, and is continuing to build her Dating Advice Girl brand through various products and services. Find me on the WEBFACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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Boston Single GirlBoston Single Girl

True stories of the good, the bad and the ugly of single life in Boston. Reality is far more interesting than fiction. You can read her adventures on her website and follow her on Twitter.

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Kevin Alexanderkevin_alexander

Kevin Alexander is a no-bullshit dating expert and coach based in Edmonton, Canada. He works mostly with professional shy nice guys who are tired of being shy and tired of being everyone’s doormat, so they can take control of their dating lives. He is the founder of Nice Guy Dating, which features products, services, and a blog entailing dating details from his own life and from the lives of others. Find him at niceguydatingcoach.com, email at niceguydatingcoach@gmail.com, and follow him at @niceguydating.

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Lisa SchmidtDSC_1010 (2)

Lisa Schmidt is an experienced dating advice and sugar baby blogger, certified dating coach and matchmaker. She specializes in Sugar & high-profile client Matchmaking and “tough love” dating coaching. You can read more from her blog, The Sugar Daddy Diaries, or become a coaching or matchmaking client at Detroit Date Coach.

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Dr Kat SmithDr Kat Smith

Dr. Katherine “Kat” Smith, DHS is a Doctor of Human Sexuality and formerly co-host of a four year syndicated morning radio show with ABC Radio Networks, Inc. and a weekly show, A Woman’s Point of View. She manufactures products for couples and is the producer of the Love & Romance Expo. Dr. Kat is the author of several books including 69 Tips to Enrich Intimacy and Romantic Retreats in Texas.

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Kerri ZaneKerri Zane

Kerri is an Emmy award winning twenty year executive TV producer, single mom lifestyle expert, spokesperson, speaker and Amazon best selling author. She has an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a B.A. in Sociology from UCLA. Kerri is a member of the Directors Guild of America and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Consultant. Kerri is the proud single mother of two grown daughters, who all live together, with two sassy siamese cats in Long Beach. California.

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Ruwan MeepagalaRuwan Meepagala

Ruwan Meepagala is a Libido Coach who trains people to unleash their intuitive animal drive for effortless electric flow in relationships, sex, and creativity.

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CanDace JohnsonCanDace Johnson

CanDace Johnson Lifestyle Consultant, Author and Radio personality helps young women learn to live enriching and fulfilling lives. She offers one on one and group consultations to teach women the ropes on how to fully enjoy single life. Advising on lifestyle, health, fashion, beauty, dating, mating, relationships. 

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Elli RaineElli Raine

Share the laughs, heartbreak, tears, confusion & craziness of dating. My goal is simple: to let all you single ladies out there know that you are not alone! Visit me on my website.

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Mr LocarioLocario

Mr. Locario is a dating and life coach who has helped thousands of men and women strengthen their relationships, develop confidence in dating, and improve their love lives. He has published a number of books, videos, DVDs, and articles.

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Debra Kunz

Debra Kunz

Sought out for her practical wisdom, award-winning author and insightful coach Debra Kunz is a catalyst for deliberate growth in life and relationships. Her great passion is expanding perspectives and inspiring light bulb moments when a person realizes something new about themselves or how to make their life better. For info about her transformational book, “Love is Blind Only if You Are”, and for more dating tips, visit Deliberate Dating.

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James is a 35 year old executive and dating blogger living in London. Dating in the city has opened his eyes in ways he never imagined. Everything in his blog is based on real events.

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Spike SpencerSpike Spencer

The “Dating Sage,” Spike Spencer, is an internationally known public speaker, actor, voice over talent, and a Foodie of the first magnitude. He is also a self-published author, with thousands of books sold. For the past 6 years, Spike has been speaking in his humorous “Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips)” panel at conventions around the world. Thousands have enjoyed his talks about dating, relationships, and “being a man,” using cooking, adventure, and self improvement as his mediums. At some of these appearances, Spike actually cooks for the crowd. Spike is currently in production on the TV pilot of his “Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips)” cooking/dating talk show, and writing the companion book, of the same title. The DKYD concept derives from a very real desire to help guys become better MEN, spurred by Spike’s own personal story of divorce tragedy, bankruptcy, love lost, and re-emergence into the dating world. Through Spike’s “field research” – dating triumphs and tragedies, crazy experiences, PUA studies, and learning to really listen to women and build a strong successful relationship- Spike is the straight guy women can count on to help them translate their needs to their men. Spike uses cooking, a very real and popular way to expand a man’s arsenal of desirable traits, to help men attract the woman of their dreams, just like Spike has done!

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Kelly SealKelly

Kelly is a writer and former speed-dating host, and author of the new book Date Expectations: A Guide to Changing Your Dating Life and Finding Real Love at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JEM2TEU. Her contributions have appeared in The Huffington Post, Slate, Examiner, MSN, Yahoo! Living, YourTango, Digital Romance, The Frisky, and Divine Caroline among others. You can visit her blog “Notes from the Dating Trenches” at www.kellyseal.com, or find her on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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