This Sleek Icebreaker App Helps Ease Anxiety on Date Night

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Awkward silences can derail a great date. You might observe the conversation is flowing naturally, like a beautifully choreographed ice skating performance, and then suddenly the sharing drops and the conversation lulls to a deafening quietness. It might feel like something’s wrong.

Worse, what do you do when you become self-conscious and see yourself not talking? Not knowing what to talk about can bring up *unspoken* questions. Is it her? Is it him? Is it us? Do we not have chemistry? Icy deadness can sink even the most vibrant conversation suddenly like a jagged iceberg to an unsuspecting cruise ship.

Even the most winsome personalities — ones glowing with the irresistible characteristics of humility, confidence, and joy— can be caught off guard by a pang of anxiety on a date.

How do you avoid awkward silences on dates?

Two guys created an app called Party Qs to help daters get to know each other better in a simple, anxiety-free way. Party Qs is a conversation app with over 715 original, curated questions.

The questions for couples range from fun questions like, “Would you rather spend 5 days exploring Disney World or New York City, all expenses paid?” to deep questions such as, “What makes you feel most alive?”

You might be thinking, wait, wouldn’t it be weird to take my phone out of my pocket, look my date in the eyes, and say let’s play a game? Creepy!

It depends. If you said it in a hushed voice, with your chin down, and your eyes piercing through your brows like a Marvel villain, yes, it would be a little disconcerting, as it would be with any app. But if you say, let’s get to know each other better and I found an app that has interesting topics for us to talk about together, it might surprise you.

Party Qs has four categories to choose from depending on the setting: Date Night, Deep, Fun, and Party.

“Our mission is to minimize phubbing and replace awkward silences with interesting conversations,” said CEO of Party Qs, Dave Schools. He’s referring to a growing trend in the dating world encapsulated in the portmanteau, “phubbing” (i.e., “phone snubbing”).

Studies show how phubbing can lead to a decrease in relationship satisfaction between romantic partners. “Most know what it’s like to be phubbed,” said James A. Roberts, marketing professor at Baylor University. “You’re in the middle of a passionate screed only to realize that your partner’s attention is elsewhere.”

There are a number of fixes for phubbing, such as digital detoxes, social media fasts, and addiction counselling, but the co-founders of Party Qs set out to give users an easier solution: great questions.

“Have you ever been in an engaging heart-to-heart conversation?” asks Schools. “Where one topic leads to the next and soon two hours have passed by?” We designed Party Qs for that. To help spark those types of captivating conversations.

Party Qs is certainly not the only icebreaker app available and you can bring up questions with a Google search, but this takes time, can cause fumbling with your phone, or can lead to even worse social anxiety if it’s a canned question. Party Qs creates a safe space for users to share interesting memories, stories, and thoughts with confidence.

So whether you struggle with anxiety on a date and need a helpful tool, or just want to have a fun, outside-the-box conversation with your partner, check out the free and highly-rated Party Qs app on both Android and iOS. Join over 2,750 people monthly who are using Party Qs to connect with the people they love, have fun on their dates, and never have an awkward silence again.

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