Valentine’s Day: the Celebration of Love

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, people seem to fall into categories – those who love this holiday and are excited to celebrate it and those that think that there is no need for this date, as love can be celebrated any day. There is no doubt that in today’s society February 14th has turned into a huge opportunity for businesses to make money on people buying gifts and flowers, but it’s still a beautiful holiday. Who doesn’t want to make a cold winter day a little bit brighter for the loved ones?

Myths surrounding Valentine’s Day

Just like with many special days in the year, it is not quite clear when and where the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day began. There are a couple of myths associated with this date. The first one involves Saint Valentine who was a Roman priest under the rule of Emperor Claudius. The emperor was convinced that it is better for soldiers to not have families or be married because they will be more devoted when practicing and going into battles. For this reason, he created a law that prohibited young men to get married. Despite this decision, the priest Valentine continued to marry couples in secret. After Claudius discovered what was happening behind his back, Valentine was executed. Later Valentine was canonized while February 14th was made into his feast day, thus honoring the life of the saint.

Another myth that is associated with Valentine’s Day is completely different from the previous version. In some countries, such as France, February 14th is the date which marks the beginning of the mating season for birds, which have long been considered the symbols of fertility and love.

While we probably won’t be able to tell which of the theories is more reliable than others, this fact doesn’t make the tradition any less romantic.

Valentine’s Day in the 21st century

These days Valentine’s Day has truly become a worldwide phenomenon, as it’s celebrated in numerous countries around the globe, including England, France, Australia, the United States, and others. Some of the most common gifts include cards, chocolates, and, of course, flowers. While it is generally considered a holiday to celebrate with the significant others, it is not uncommon for friends to exchange cards as the symbols of admiration and friendship. A lot of the times single people get into groups and go out so that they don’t feel left out sitting at home while others are having fun.

Finding love shouldn’t be difficult

Despite being a joyful holiday, it can also be quite a lonely time for some people when they see couples around them giving each other gifts and attention. Fortunately, it has also become easier to find someone special to celebrate this day with by using dating sites. Even if you don’t have any time to go out and meet new people on the regular basis and you find yourself limited to the same circle of friends and acquaintances, it’s possible to create an online profile and start talking to people. It’s an amazing opportunity to expand our horizons and get to know people who we would have never met offline.

Valentine’s Day can become a date to remember whether you are single or not, as it’s all about spreading positive energy and love. It is certainly true that we should give love and attention to our closest people every day, but sometimes life can get hectic, thus leaving no place for romance. Valentine’s Day is an excellent reminder to cherish and take care of those who mean so much to us.

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