Recommendations on the First Date with Slavic Women

Slavic women
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The first date is always very important. On your first date, don’t try to be better than you are, don’t brag, and don’t cross the line. At the same time, don’t simply sit and be silent because you have nothing to say or you are shy. In order to have a successful first date with Slavic women, follow these recommendations.

Things to Keep in Mind

If a woman agreed to go with you on a date, it means the following:

  • She likes you. This is quite obvious. If a woman wants to meet with you, it means you are interesting to her and she wants to spend time with you.
  • She is ready to give you a chance. Agreeing on a date, a woman shows that she is ready to give this relationship a chance to develop into something serious.

Keep in mind that on a date a Slavic woman will be assessing you. Therefore, think in advance about how you are going to behave on a first date so that she could get a positive impression on you and would want to meet you again. Simply be yourself and don’t show off. Then, she will want to see you again.

How to Know That She Likes You

  1. She gives you a lot of attention. She likes everything you say and agrees with it. She listens to you attentively without getting distracted.
  2. She laughs at every joke you make. This way, she expresses her sympathy and wants you to see this. The sense of humor is very important for a woman, so if you could make her laugh, then you are halfway there.
  3. She is very comfortable with you. She is relaxed and doesn’t try to be someone she is not.
  4. She constantly flirts with you. Flirting is the most important tool women use to express their sympathy.

Keep in mind that is she also nervous. She spent the whole day thinking about what to wear, what to talk about, what you will do, etc.

What Does She Do on a First Date?

  • She collects information about you. She wants to know as much as possible about you. She wants to understand what kind of person you are, what interests you have, what way of life you lead, and many other things. She wants to see how similar you are and whether further relationships are possible between you.
  • She makes her first impressions of you. She asks you questions to learn more about your character, your attitude towards this or that, about your hobbies, and so on. It will be impossible to learn everything about you on the first date, but she will be able to decide for herself whether or not she wants to see you again.
  • She assigns you to some category. During the first date, the Slavic woman immediately knows who you can be to her – a friend, an acquaintance, a lover, or a future boyfriend, and then possibly a husband. It won’t take her a lot of time to figure it out. The decision she is going to make on the first date can hardly be changed later.

What Do You Need to Do?

You need to decide where you will take her. Instead of wondering what you are going to do on the first date, make a detailed plan – choose several places where you would like to go to and how you can impress her.

Once you choose the place, you need to tell her where you are going to go and what you will do. This is necessary so that she could choose the right clothes and had a general idea of how you are going to spend this day. Briefly explain your plan for the first date, trying to maximally interest her in your proposal, so she won’t refuse. It is better to find out in advance about her interests and use this information to select the place for the first date. For example, it would be foolish to invite her to a grill-bar, if she is a vegetarian.

How to behave on the first date

  • Do not be nervous, do not stammer, show that you are at ease and that you are having a good time. Your confidence will help her relax too.
  • Calm down. Show to her that you are absolutely calm and nothing will confuse you.
  • Clear speech. Speak distinctly, loudly enough, and in a deep voice. It is important to speak competently without making mistakes.
  • Confident look. Look into her eyes, but not intensely. If you start looking at the floor or elsewhere, it will immediately give out your self-doubt, and she will lose interest.

Should you pay or not?

Slavic women are very independent and they don’t expect you to pay for them on the first date. However, it is better to act like a real gentleman and pay for her on a date. Having paid on the first date, you will show her that you are financially secure and that you liked her.

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