How to Make Money from Home by Selling Sex Toys?

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Sex toys business is associated with some sort of marshmallowy niceness. In an industry where everything is dominated by big budgets and big assets, adult webmasters and entrepreneurs are particularly happy about exploring the rhythms of sex toys business. This positive responsiveness to sex toys business can be attributed to the phenomenal ascendance of sex & wellness industry. It is already a 30 billion dollar industry. By 2020, it is estimated to become a $52 billion industry.

The purpose of this article is to provide some insights on how to sell sex toys from home. Without any further ado, let’s delve into the details.

How to Sell Sex Toys from Home?

White Label Adult Sex Toys

Many amateurs and self-labeled experts have started adult affiliate sex toy sites. Some sites have already been closed and some are beset with uncertainty. There are quite a few white label adult affiliate sex toy sites which prey upon amateur adult webmasters. White label adult sex toy sites offer anywhere between 10 and 40 percent commission. Apart from hosting your adult content, they will take care of drop shipping. While this may seem promising and enticing, devil lies in the details.

Devil Lies in the Details

Adult webmasters do not have control over monetization options. Moreover, the prospects of experimenting with new stuff will never be propitious. In an industry where things are unfolding at an unprecedented pace, trying and testing new stuff is the need of the hour. All the templates are pre-configured. This essentially means that scaling your business isn’t easy. A good chunk of your marketing budget will be allotted to drop ship your toys.

If you are passionate about making money by building a site like Femplay, scalability and flexibility are two important parameters which cannot be disregarded.

Free Hosted Solutions

Sex toys businesses shouldn’t run on free hosted solutions. More often than not, free hosted solutions are outdated and rely extensively on obsolete technology stack. Also, template designs aren’t good and user intuitive enough to start an online sex toys store. The number of template options is generally confined to 5. Once your online sex toys store starts receiving traffic in mammoth proportions, free templates will not be able to handle the web traffic. Your site is bound to collapse and your business might lose customers. And guess what, despite such serious limitations, you are required to give 40% of your sales to the free hosted solutions.

Factors to be Considered While Purchasing a Turnkey Solution

  • Scalability

Scalability is the ability of a site to handle huge amounts of traffic with effortless ease. More often than not, scalable sites have a robust site architecture. To know whether an adult sex toys store is built on a robust scalable site architecture, it has to be subjected to load testing and stress testing.

  • Technology Stack

Sex toys business is all about carefully and cleverly managing activities such as operations, supply chain, SEO, on-page marketing etc. Technology will surely serve as an enabler to sell sex toys from home. Look for those turnkey solutions built on popular WordPress frameworks such as WooCommerce. To carry out backend operations, databases such as MySQL should be coupled with front-end frameworks.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Mobile phones are happy shopping avenues these days. People like watching movies on mobiles. People love watching porn on their smartphones. And yes, people like doing shopping online via mobile phones. Here is something worthy of your attention: Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic and this is one of the reasons why established adult sites such as have come up with their own dedicated mobile apps. Adult sex toy stores will be compatible with mobiles only if they are built on a bootstrap powered framework.

  • Innovation

Many adult sex toy sites have come and gone, with barely a mention in the minds of porn enthusiasts. One of the reasons why most of the adult sex toys stores do not stand out from the crowd is that they lack innovation. Innovation can mean many things to many people. For adult webmasters and entrepreneurs, innovation may be about innovation in site design. It can also mean innovation in marketing. For growth hackers, innovation means acquiring new customers through out-of-the-box tactics.

For all intents and purposes, turnkey software solutions are required to have innovative templates. Apart from this, there should be enough provisions to make the venture go viral.

  • Adult Search Engine Optimization

It is important to optimize each and every product listed on your adult toy store.  Apart from providing appropriate product descriptions and images, titles should have appropriate keywords. There should be quite a few analytics tools such as Google webmaster console, sitemap.XML, Google Analytics etc., integrated into the software

  • Support

When it comes to free adult hosting solutions, support services are deplorable. More often than not, premium adult hosting solutions offer better support services. That being said, round-the-clock support is a rarity these days. Also, whenever a customer raises an issue, a ticket is raised in the queuing system and is forwarded to the technical support team. If the issue is beyond the scope of technical support team, the ticket is then forwarded to the team of programmers. Bouncing of tickets should minimize. Otherwise, the client may lose prospective customers and web traffic.

  • Payment Gateways

It is always safe to have at-least two payment gateways such as Epoch, CCBill, etc. integrated into the adult sex toys business store. Just in case a payment gateway fails to function, other payment gateways will ensure uninterrupted business. Be informed that PayPal doesn’t support adult merchant accounts.

  • Cost

If you are serious and extremely passionate about making money, all the aforementioned features are prerequisites. If you were to resort to a conventional approach of hiring web developers, database administrators and testers, this project development shall cost you a fortune. It takes nothing less than $12000 USD. Also, do not expect things to roll out well within 3 months. Sometimes, you may be required to be patient for 6 months or a year.

There is an alternative though. You may purchase a business ready and absolutely reliable turnkey software such as xMarketplace which helps you start your sex toys business in less than 30 minutes. This turnkey software is safe, innovative, robust and affordable. Sites built by using turnkey software solution are mobile responsive and perfectly compatible. This turnkey software was developed by a team of programmers who earlier worked with Google and Amazon. The technical support staff is available 24 × 7. And the most important thing is it has enough features and provisions to bring targeted traffic to your online sex toys store.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. We shall reply in a day or two. My best wishes are with you and your sex toys business. Keep watching this space to learn more about how to sell sex toys from home. To get content delivered into your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter. Cheers!


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