To Bring or not to Bring… That’s the Holiday Question.

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As we enter the season of Thanksgiving dinners and holiday parties, we also welcome the seasonal stress that oftentimes accompanies the festivities.  From what gifts to give to what to wear to your office party, the holidays can be pretty nerve-racking.  Factor in your love life and your happy holiday season has the potential to turn into a Valentine’s Day Massacre.  It’s not that your love life is bad- quite the contrary.  It’s great enough to make you consider bringing your new Significant Other to each event.


When friends and family haven’t met the new boyfriend or girlfriend, are the holidays a smart backdrop for that first introduction?


Of course, there are a lot of variables that come with each couple and each decision.  Ultimately the choice as to how much mutual holiday celebrating is up to you both.  Making that decision in the smartest way is the best gift of the season you can give each other.  If Hamlet were here, he might offer up a few things to remember as you decide:


The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune… The centrepiece of most holiday gatherings is typically alcohol; the outrageous fortune of a never-ending open bar.  Adding this component to a group of unknown people ranging from your uncle to your co-worker could lead to your Significant Other facing the slings and arrows.  Liquid courage has the potential to make or break the first impression your friends and family make.


For who would bear the whips and scorns of time… Meeting new people can be a lot of fun, but the new people in question aren’t so new to you.  Family and friends feed off each other, and the next thing you know they join forces and take your Significant Other on a trip down Memory Lane, making pit stops at every embarrassing story about you.  Be ready to bear the potential whips and scorns of time when your boyfriend or girlfriend says something like, “You never told me about ____.” or “I can’t believe you once were a ____!”


The pangs of despised loveWhen we go to someone’s celebration, we can’t control their guest list.  There’s always the possibility your Ex may be in attendance, or friends of the Ex.  Are you ready for your current love to collide with the ghosts of despised loves of past?


The undiscovered country from whose bourn, no traveller returns.  Regardless of your choice, make sure it’s one that’s well thought and mutually agreed upon.  Once you walk in with your new love, there’s no turning back.  Enjoy the experience, laugh off any potential strangeness and focus on the fun.  If you decide to forego the holiday introduction, don’t sweat it.  There’s plenty of time in the New Year to show off that new love!

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