Top 10 Reasons Federal Prisoners are turning to Online Dating

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The top 10 reasons federal prisoners are turning to online dating sites to find fulfilling connections

  1. For a large number of the men on our site their past is full of women who were with them for all the wrong reasons; power and money. Once the power and money were gone and replaced by a long federal prison sentence, so too was the attention from women and friends. They now want someone real and hope they will find it online.
  2. They have been hurt, discarded and cheated on, they desperately want a faithful, family oriented, loyal woman to hold them down and ride this journey with them….and for some the journey is long.
  3. They are not impressed by outer beauty that fades with time, this is something they had in the past and they quickly learned that not everything that glitters is gold. They want inner beauty….a loving, humble Queen with a big heart and strong character who can deal with a connection of this kind.
  4. They all crave female companionship. Surrounded by men all the time they need the kind of attention, point of view and love that only a REAL woman can provide
  5. They need a friend. We all need that one bff who we turn to. Men need that too. They want a friend who sees past their circumstance and recognises their potential to be a King 
  6. For them the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” rings true as most have been forgotten by family and friends. Prison can be a lonely, isolating environment and they long for the opportunity to experience an interaction that is more than superficial and provides both mental and emotional support, and an escape from their current circumstances.
  7. In the past, because of the lifestyle that some of these men have lived; they have never had an authentic friendship with a female. Within that fast money, fast sex lifestyle women only want one thing and the men are all too happy to provide it. So the opportunity to build a strong friendship bond is lacking. Now that the men see the value and benefit of such a connection it is not only a new, but highly sought after experience.
  8. They want to try something different….if you continue to make the same mistakes yet expect different results then something is wrong. The women they met in the past offered no substance and now the inmates want to try quality over quantity.
  9. Yes they have made mistakes and they are paying dearly for them. However they have used their time wisely and have educated themselves, broadened their horizons and are building for a better and brighter future and because they are on this new road of positivity they need a friend to join them who is their equal and will help and support them to build that artistic venture, non-profit organization or business.
  10. More and more women online are not about passing judgement but rather see that the obstacles these men have endured have made them grow in strength and become the grown men they always should have been. The men want a woman who can see past their incarceration and find out more about the internal man.

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