One Change That Will Make Your Dating Life Better

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This One Change Will Make Your Dating Life Better

For the most part, we know that in order to get the things we want in life, it’s up to us to make it happen.

Lose weight, get in shape, land a new job, move to a new place or learn a new skill…

Regardless if we want to make a small change, or we have a big goal in mind, if we want something, we’ve got take steps to make it happen.

So, why is it we can’t see that the same goes for our dating lives?  Waiting around for love to just show up is like waiting for the unwanted weight to fall off.  It’s backwards and won’t get us anywhere.

If you’re looking to have a better dating life, I encourage you to make a plan and start taking action.  Whether you realize it or not, you’re making investments of time, energy and money already for the sake of love. Might as well make it count.

Don’t believe it?

Ask yourself, when was the last time you…

  • bought a new outfit to go out in because you wanted to look great just in case you met someone.
  • Spent money going out to a bar or nightclub
  • Spent money and/or time on dating sites hoping to find a match
  • Wasted energy with guys who turned out to be a bad fit.

It’s time to start investing in your love life the right way, which you can start doing now by…

  1. a) getting clear and honest about what you want in a relationship
  2. b) making a decision to get in front of the right guys  
  3. d) making the necessary investments to get the results you want,which may mean getting a little help from a dating coach or matchmaker.

The process won’t be perfect. But, deciding to make the right investments is a lot better than wasting time only to still not get what you want.


Your Next 3 Steps…

Today, your job is to take bold action in your dating life by following these steps.

Step 1 – Think about what it is you want to have happen in your dating life in the next 3 to 6 months. Getting focused will give you a better chance at spotting the kind of qualities you want in a guy when you see them.

Step 2 – See if what you’ve been doing so far involves going out with your girlfriends, going on blind dates, or hanging out on dating sites trying to find someone. This will help you see how and where you’ve been investing your time thus far.

Step 3 – Whatever you’re doing in step 2, pay attention and note whether it’s working or not. If you’ve been doing it for more than 6 months and you’re still unhappy, chances are they aren’t working.

Here’s a bonus…Once you adopt the attitude of taking bold and decisive action in one area of life, it’ll start showing up in other areas as well.  All of this will help you get on track to actually seeing the kind of results you want in your dating life.

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Michelle G is a Certified Dating and Relationship Specialist (CRS)® and holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology. She is the author of the #1 best selling book, Relationship SOS: Seven Lifelines to Rescue Your Emotional Intimacy Now. Her passion is to help singles and couples answer the questions “What does the word LOVE mean to me?” and “How can I have the relationship I desire?” Her mission is to change the way singles and couples approach relationships – including the one we have with ourselves. Michelle is frequently featured in media as a relationship expert and her articles have been featured in local and national publications.

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