How to give women the perfect orgasm

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The human body is a beautiful, complex and mesmerising machine that is crying out to be understood. When it comes to the female form, it may seem that it is particularly hard to understand. But if you follow a few simple rules it is easy to unlock the secrets of the female body. It is a beautiful mystery that is just waiting to be understood. The female orgasm is talked about a lot, but it is misunderstood by many, both males and females.

As a female, if you want to understand your own body, your own sex, and understand how to get the perfect female orgasm then read on. If you have a female partner and want to understand and practice how to give your girlfriend or wife the orgasms of her life, then read on.

We will also discuss the elusive and coveted squirting (ejaculatory) orgasm which most women go their whole lives without experiencing. Read to the end to find out how you can achieve this for yourself or your lady, and maybe even for the first time in her life!

The 5 steps below will ensure the female in your life has the perfect female orgasms.

  • Trust and Intimacy


Women are different to men, just as every woman is different and unique to each other. However, one of the most important factors in preventing almost every woman from having an orgasm is how she feels emotionally at the time. If she feels insecure, unsexy or that she cannot relax and ‘let go’ then she is not going to be achieve the best orgasms, or maybe not be able to orgasm at all.

It is commonly felt that men and women get turned on it different ways, although you have to work out what works for you. Women tend to be more emotional regarding sex, and can take longer to become turned on. It may take longer for a woman to relax and feel secure. Once she feels totally free and inhibited she can achieve the best orgasms of her life.

You can really help your lady relax and feel secure by showing attention to her whole body and mind. You can give her a massage, tell her how beautiful you find her, or follow some tips online on how to make a totally romantic evening.

  • Foreplay and Buildup

Trust and intimacy can take weeks or even months to build up. Many women find that when they are in a new relationship it can take a few months for the sex to become mind blowing. This is a good thing as it means however good it is at the start of your sexual relationship, things can only improve, especially if you put the research and practice in as you are doing now.

Talking about the physical body, in general it takes more minutes and time for a woman to become fully aroused compared to a man. This is why foreplay and build up before an orgasm is so important. More foreplay and build up will make the orgasm more intense. When a woman is aroused her body changes: her nipples will become hard and her g-spot will swell up making it easier to find and stimulate.

There are many techniques to have the best foreplay and it depends what the woman likes. Some women love lots of kissing. You can start at her lips and kiss all over her body. As you build that intimacy you will learn more and more techniques that really turn on your woman with the best foreplay techniques. Before any full penetration takes place, cunnilingus (using your mouth to lick and kiss a woman’s vagina) can really stimulate the female sex and is worth practicing.

  1. The Clitoral Orgasm

There are several different physical types of orgasms that a woman can have and they call produce slightly different feelings and intensities. The clitoral orgasm and the g-spot orgasm will give women two completely different feelings when they orgasm, and there are totally different techniques to achieve both. The clitoral orgasm is physically much easier for a woman to achieve, either by herself or with a partner. This is due to the location of the clitoris as shown in the picture below. The clitoris, often shortened to just the ‘clit’,  is nearly on the outside of the vagina and easier to locate with a finger, a sex toy or even the penis than the g-spot.

During sexual arousal, a woman’s clitoris becomes engorged with blood and becomes more sensitive, much as the penis becomes hardened through all the blood surging to it.

There are a number of ways to stimulate the clit.

The fingers are the easiest as you can see better what you are doing to ensure you are rubbing the correct part of the vagina. Every single woman who would like to have a rewarding sex life should be an expert in her own vagina. She can use a mirror, her own fingers, and practice and explore how to locate her clitoris and stimulate herself to orgasm. If you are unsure where your partner’s clitoris is, ask her to show you. Tell her you would like to know so you can please her. Good communication is one of the most sexiest things a partner can achieve.

In general, a finger rubbing on the clitoris in a circular motion starting off slow and getting slightly faster will result in a clitoral orgasm. For women, the sensation builds until it ‘finishes’ or washes over her, and she can direct you to slow down or get quicker or push harder or softer.

The tongue is another excellent tool to stimulate the clit as it can make sensitive adjustments to the speed and power of the stimulation. Tips on how to use your mouth include:

  • Blowing
  • Kissing
  • Sucking
  • Biting
  • Humming

However with biting be very careful as the clitoris can be extremely sensitive and hurt easily, even by rubbing too hard. In general, softer movements are better than aggressive movements directly on the clit.

  • The G-Spot Orgasm

You can see where the g-spot is located inside a vagina by the photo above. The reason the g-spot orgasm is harder to achieve is due to its location. It is located inside the vagina and depending on the size of the penis and direction of intercourse it can be very difficult to stimulate during penetrative sex. In fact, only around 1 in 3 women can achieve a g-spot orgasm through normal penetrative sex. However there are still ways to do this to yourself and to a woman.


If you take two fingers, slip them slowly inside her and curl your two infers upwards, deep inside her, you’ll be able to feel a small spongy spot. Once this is stimulated for long enough it should result in a g-spot orgasm. However due to the angle it is difficult for a woman to use her own fingers on herself, and she maybe need to purchase sex toys or aids which can reach it for her.

  • The Squirting (Ejaculatory) Orgasm

Last but not least it is time to discuss the squirting orgasm. Some men and even women might think that this is just something that only ‘other’ women can achieve, and that it is not possible for them. Websites such as were created on the belief that every women should be able to achieve a wonderful and mind-blowing ejaculatory orgasm at least once in her life (and hopefully many more times). The words squirt and ejaculation are meant exactly in this way, when women have this type of orgasm they squirt out an amount of liquid that does not happen through any other type of orgasm.

The easiest way to make a woman achieve this quickly is with fingers on the g-spot, to give her one the most intense orgasms she’s ever had.

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