Online Dating: A User’s Racial Preference

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Online dating sites allow users to meet people from all over the world without having to spend as much money. They seem to make the world smaller and the pool of choices for a lover wider. Indeed, gone are the days in which your options for a romantic partner are limited to your neighbors, workmates, and friends. Now that users are free to choose a date from anywhere in the world, ethnicity or race becomes one of the main criteria by which we judge our potential partners.

A study by the Pew Research Center shows that in 2013, 12% of newlyweds involve couples where the bride and groom come from different races. This number still continues to increase today because of how easy online dating has made it for people to meet singles from a different hemisphere.

If you’re wondering who prefers who in terms of ethnicity, here is a quick guide on online dating behavior of men and women from different races. Keep in mind that these reflect only the common practices of online daters and does not reflect the exact preferences of each one.  

Most men from around the world like to date Asian women.

With their exotic looks, strong fighting spirit, intelligence, family-oriented values, and caring attitude, many would agree that Asian women would make fine wives. They have been known as such even before the introduction of online dating. They will treat you to a very exciting and interesting relationship, where you would discover a lot about their life and culture at the beginning and learn to live with it in the end. Be sure to do some research on some tips about dating to win her heart.

Asian women like to date Caucasian men.

Caucasian men are assertive and emotionally aware. This reminds Asian women of their fathers, who loved them deeply, worked hard to support the family, and implemented strict rules to protect them. Hence, they feel more comfortable and they love the sense of security that they have whenever they date Caucasians. This may explain why websites for Asian dating have a huge number of Caucasians registered and many of them end up in a serious relationship or in marriage with an eligible Asian woman.

Asian men would like to date Hispanic Women.

Men of color usually prefer to date outside of their own race. But, for Asian men, they don’t stray too far and show romantic interest in Hispanic women. This might be because they share a lot of similarities with their own culture. They have the same skin tone, same eye and hair colors, and have a similar build. They even have the same family-oriented values!

Caucasian women like Caucasian men.

Another study by the University of Massachusetts found that Caucasian women are more likely to respond to men from the same race. A lot of factors come into play when Caucasian women choose their potential partners – including education, lifestyle, income, and religion. But, proximity, convenience, and familiarity still prevail for them.

The Bottomline

Online dating platforms have successfully bridged soulmates from different countries through the years. Algorithms may not be perfect yet and the Internet still has a lot of limitations, but with more advanced studies and technologies, these will all be ironed out in the years to come and we will all be treated to a better digital dating experience than ever.

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