Worth the Adventure: Is Working With Your Spouse Beneficial For Your Relationship?

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It’s become common these days for couples to work together in the same office. There are some couples out there who found employment in the same place, while others may have met in the office and married shortly after. However, working with your significant other can without a doubt be a blessing and a curse, depending on how you approach the endeavor. Keeping the balance between your personal life and professional one can be an uphill battle. On the contrary, the burden of your job duties can be lightened by the daily sight of the one you love the most. As you transition from spouse to colleague, here are some potential drawbacks and solutions to consider when working with your spouse.

The Advantages of Working With Your Significant Other

Taking time off from work together: Although few couples like to admit it, taking time off from work to plan a vacation is extremely tiresome. However, one major point of working in the same office is that you get the opportunity to share holidays or days off together. Therefore, you can plan for holiday road trips and other family events since there’s no conflict with work schedules.

Taking time off from work will help you both:

  • Reset yourself mentally.
  • Feel more productive at work.
  • Gain a better work/ life balance.
  • Rekindle your relationship with your significant other.

Greater dedication towards work: Since the smartphone hit the market, business owners have been able to connect with consumers from all over. That being said, when couples work together in the same office space or remotely for that matter, they put a lot of time and energy into their work. They work hard individually to contribute to the growth of the company, while still being able to help each other personally and professionally if needed; and with many businesses opting out of traditional office settings, working for strong company means that couples must also share the same level of loyalty towards their respected firm and/or organization.

This type of loyalty will help employees develop ambition and allow them to set individual goals that focus on the company’s vision, mission, and purpose, which could be a major factor that helps the industry grow and succeed later on down the road.

The opportunity to spend a lot more time together: When two people get married, they take a vow to stay together for the rest of their lives – through thick and thin. For some working couples, sharing the same work environment provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen those ties. In other words, since they’re around each other throughout the course of the day, both at home and at work, they increase their chances of staying true to their vows.

Some Drawbacks (or Challenges) of Working With Your Significant Other

Financial risk: If for some reason, your spouse receives a pink slip, which means half of your income is gone. With both of you working for the same employer or serving as the main function of your start-up business, all finances are in one basket. In this day and age, that’s a significant risk.

Ideally, couples who are planning to jump-start a business together would first conduct research to make sure that the market is receptive to the product and/or services being offered. If you think that your business will be slow to reach profit levels, you and your spouse should consider keeping side jobs. Build a foundation financially and venture out when you’re both ready. Don’t let unbridled wants cloud your and your spouse’s financial well-being.

Conflicts within the workplace: When colleagues at the workplace have strong disagreements and the dispute continues at their home, this could put a strain on their relationship. Just like any working couple, content marketing and SEO have to work together. However, that doesn’t mean they always get along. Sometimes, a little conflict resolution and role playing can go a long way in order to make work and personal relationships operate smoother.

Whatever the case may be, couples who have arguments at work also tend to continue the arguments at home, despite wanting to keep personal and work life separate. If a couple fails to draw this line, then their marriage may eventually break down.

No changes in daily schedules: For couples who spend most of their time – at home and in the office – sharing the same experiences together on the daily basis becomes mundane. In other words, they no longer value the experiences they once shared together. There will be plenty of situations when both of them may lack the interest to discuss how their work days went. As a result, they will have little to discuss when they get home.

Sometimes work life can be a great discussion among partners, but this may only be possible when they work at separate firms. If partners do not share any other interest apart from their professional lives, breaking the silence can become quite the obstacle between both of them.

How should you work together?

You and your spouse can’t assure each other by keeping a “no fight” rule in the office. Being open for discussion, and considering these things, will go together hand-in-hand:

  • Avoid yelling at each other.
  • Remember: you two aren’t in this alone.
  • Respect each other’s work environments and personal spaces.
  • Keep your home life separate from your work life.

Working together can be as challenging as staying together for the years to come. However, learning how to appreciate, support, and love one another can help two partners make a great team.


Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this article. What are some other pros and cons of working in close environment with your significant? Feel free to leave comments below.

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Cody Hill loves exploring the outdoors and is passionate about sports. If you can't find him online, you will more than likely catch him watching baseball or football cheering on his favorite teams. Aside from that, he also enjoys having out with friends. Follow him on Twitter at @Cody_hill777. Thanks!

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