In a Relationship? Or Free to Meet?

Online dating signs to look for
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In a relationship or free to meet?  What is the answer?

Well in my early days of internet romances, it did not go entirely smoothly!!!

I used to chat for hours and hours, until I was scammed (another tale, to tell or read)

So, I decided to talk for a while to find out if we were well-suited, then meet up as soon as possible. I did have a set of rules and they worked, but alas I had many mishaps until I used my rules.

Chatting starts very innocently at first, questions like “what’s your favourite colour?” and “What’s your preferred food?” all the questions were harmless, or so I thought!

Until the smutty innuendoes came in like “Favourite colour of what your knickers”?

Oh, my goodness what on earth is happening?

These answers don’t deserve a reply but me being new to this dating game decided to continue but try to disregard the smutty bits, Silly Gilly!

So, I did, and our banter was funny and exciting, it eventually became raunchy.

A big mistake! He was a man looking for someone to have a bit of fun with!

How can you tell the person your chatting with is not married or in a relationship? I had asked him if he was married, he had said “I promise you I am not married”. True, but he had been in a relationship for many years, just not taken the wedding vows yet lol. I spoke to him on the phone all the time. But, it wasn’t all the time! I very rarely spoke to him on the weekends, or evening meal times. When I phoned him he didn’t answer, but call me back very quickly?

If the person you are chatting to is only phoning you when they want to, not answering your call and giving an excuse that they were driving or the phone was on silent, when they return your call. Think about the situation.

So, a few things to ponder on, to help you decide if this person may well be in a relationship!

Times of messages, times of phone calls, excuses for not answering the phone after promptly returning you’re call.

Take a long hard look at the evidence. Is the person you are interested in and is attracted to you for love and marriage or Just a bit of fun?

All well and good if you want a bit of fun, then meet up, enjoy, but if you’re looking for a life partner then perhaps continue Fishing.

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Ambitious and outgoing lady, in her fifties, a grandma. Married and divorced twice but a romantic so wants love and to share her life with the man of her dreams. Working full time in the child care sector, but finds time to act as a dating adviser. Loves anything technical, loves walking and the good things in life - a goer! Settled in the area, within the vicinity and range to search for 'Mr Right' after traveling around the world. New commitments to help others with advice on internet dating, advising people that cannot understand the ways that people scam for money or sex, wanting to keep them safe. She tells her story in 'Fishing the Net'

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