How to Get More Views on Your Online Dating Profile

Get more profile views
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The popularity of online dating appears to be growing.  A 2010 marriage survey[1] revealed that 1 out of 6 married couples met each other using that platform. It was further stated that more than twice as many marriages occurred between people who met on online than in bars, clubs and other social events combined.  In 2017, I wouldn’t be surprised if this data is similar, if not more.

Have you taken a scroll down a dating website screen and past several profile pictures before deciding to click on one to view their profile?

I’m sure you were not impressed with what you saw.

You probably saw a blurry phone picture of them standing in front of their bathroom mirror.  Or a sunglasses bandit, who thinks covering his eyes is sexy.  Or the one who stands far away from the camera.

This is 2017, we shouldn’t be seeing pictures of poor quality photos.

These types of photos are so not “approachable ready” and I’m sure many good men and women are over looked because they do not have a good profile picture.

It’s clear to me that a lot of people are clueless on how to appear approachable online and really need a lesson on what makes a good profile picture.

The following is how to be approachable ready online and to increase your chances of getting your profile clicked on.

Your primary photos should be:

  1. Recent: Please do not upload a picture that is more than a year old. So many things could have changed within a year.  If you want your date to recognize you when you finally meet, then put up a recent picture.
  2. Sharp and in focus: You can get a digital point and shoot camera for under $60 with over 10 megapixels. This is more than enough to provide you with a great quality profile picture.  But cellphones now a days have megapixels at 12. So there is no excuses to not have a decent photo.
  3. Well-lit: Try taking photos with natural light such as daylight preferably when it’s sunny. If you don’t have access to that, use the flash on your camera to provide you with more light for your photo.
  4. Cropped: Your profile picture should be cropped so it shows only your head and shoulders. This a solution to those far away photos where we can’t see your face.  A cropped photo is easier to see you and increases your chances of having your profile clicked. You can include a full body shot in your gallery.
  5. Keep background distractions to a minimum: We should only see you and not you and a bunch of people or you and your messy room in the back ground.
  6. Of you happy, looking directly at the camera: Researchers revealed that pictures of happy people looking directly at the camera, instead of looking away, were considered to be the most attractive[2].

If you follow these rules, you definitely will have a picture that is approachable ready and you are bound to have the number of people who click on your profile page increase.

[1] a study referenced on and conducted in the United States with 7000 US adults

[2] Conway, C. A., Jones, B. C., DeBruine, L. M. & Little, A. C. (2008). Evidence for adaptive design in human gaze preference. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 275, 63-69.

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