6 Ways To Stop Getting Emotionally Invested In A Man Too Fast by @SamiWunder

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I am sure you’re familiar with this pattern: You meet a great man, he feels like a dream come true and does all the right things. He calls you, texts you sweet nothings, makes you meet his family and friends, and you both have similar interests. He comes on really strong and pursues you, just like the books say.

But then suddenly, everything changes. He fizzles out with or without explanation, and you are left wondering why this happens to you again and again. Your hopes and expectations go up, only to leave you heart broken again.

So What Is Going On Here?

What’s going on here is that you got emotionally invested in this man, before he was really invested in you.

You put all your energy, time, focus on this one person, and made your heart vulnerable because you prematurely jumped to the conclusion that he’s your one. You developed such intense feelings for him that they blinded you about his reality: That he wasn’t on the same page as you.

In order to prevent this from happening to you in the future, here are 6 ways that will prevent you from falling too soon for a man, who is not that into you.

1. Stop thinking about the man all the time. 

This makes you get attached to him, more than you realize. When you find your mind going to him, change your focus and do something different.

2. Don’t talk about him with your family and friends. 

It might seem harmless but its not. Family and friends can often get excited about our date without reason. This can build expectations within us unknowingly and make us feel attached.

3. Don’t equate texting with having a real relationship. 

A real relationship happens only when you meet the man on real dates, not through texting. So don’t get all emotionally invested through texting, even if it’s feeling amazing. Emotionally Invested

4. Enjoy But Don’t Believe Everything He Says 

Yes, he feels right now that you’re the woman of his life but it doesn’t mean anything unless he has actions to back that claim. So don’t fall into the trap of believing a man’s words alone. It is his actions that show his true intentions.

5. Don’t Have Sex Too Soon 

Women tend to get hormonally attached to men they sleep with, even if these men are not a good match for them. Its not love, it’s your hormones that make you feel desperate for him and get attached to him.

6. Stop closing down your options!

In my practice as a love coach and dating expert, I recommend how single women should “Rotational Date”, that is, to date more than one man at a time, from a confident, Diva-like place.

If you’re curious and what to find out more about this process, join my relationship support group Wunder Divas on Facebook (www.facebook.com/groups/wunderdivas), and let me show you how to make dating work in your favour.

In the meantime, if you just stop doing these 6 behaviours, you will find that you can avoid heartbreak rather easily in dating and have more fun.

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Sami Wunder is a leading dating and relationship coach, and the author of 'Your Feminine Roadmap To His Commitment'. As a certified coach, she has worked with hundreds of women in the US, UK and Europe to help them find love.

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