How Couples Nuru Massage Can Improve Your Relationship

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Erotic, sensual and extremely indulging, nuru massage is the ancient Japanese treatment that’s taking the world by storm. While offering many benefits for the individual, couples nuru massage is wonderfully rewarding and can boost your relationship. If you’re new to the experience, here are a few reasons why I think you’ll want to give it a try.

What is Nuru massage?

Nuru massage is a stimulating activity between two people. The person experiencing the massage is covered in a special gel, which makes the activity even more arousing and perfect for the person performing the massage to give body sliding techniques. This delightful treatment provokes exciting sensations that are delightfully mind blowing and equally relaxing. In fact, UK-based nuru massage agency reported that 83% of those who tried a nuru massage experienced a significant improvement in general wellbeing after the session.

Nuru gel and why it needs to be used correctlyNuru Massage Gel

Nuru gel is used during a massage as its odourless, colourless and tasteless, as well as making a fantastic lubricant. The oil is formulated from an ancient mixture consisting of several botanical extracts, such as Aloe Vera gel, grapefruit extract and chamomile. A seaweed extract called Nori also forms part of the mix and is only found off the coast of Japan in very deep waters. Before nuru gel is used in the massage, it is heated, making it feel incredible on the skin and highly moisturising. The person giving the massage can slide over their partner’s body easily, allowing them to relish in the satisfying sensations. Nuru gel should be used instead of a cheap substitute as it will ensure that you receive all the benefits of a massage, including relieving muscle pain and stress.

How nuru massage takes place

Nuru massage usually occurs on a bed with a waterproof sheet on top or an air bed covered with a towel. Your nuru gel is best kept in a bowl of warm water to heat and then used when the desired temperature has been reached.

I recommend that both you and your partner take a steamy shower together before beginning your nuru massage. This will increase the connection and sexual energy between you, as well as helping you to completely relax. To set the mood, light a few candles, play some romantic music and turn down the lights.

Lie on the bed and let your partner apply the nuru gel gently, allowing it to run down your body. Your partner can then lie on top of you and start sliding their body all over yours. Take it slow to begin with, before building up to more stimulating moves. Once you’ve received your happy ending, why not change roles so you both get to experience a tantalising nuru massage.

How it will improve your relationship

Nuru massage is an intimate experience for you to share with a partner. Its explosive sensations help to relieve feelings of stress, sexual tension, and improve your confidence. If it’s a new experience for your both, try engaging in nuru massage on a regular basis to truly explore the different techniques and to become intertwined in this enjoyable activity.

Whether you’re in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, nuru massage will help you to gain a closer connection with your partner. Perhaps, you’ve been feeling too tired to engage in sexual activity or you’re having problems with erections. Maybe, you’ve been having emotional problems with your partner. Any tension can be resolved with the use of regular nuru massage. This highly erotic experience will increase periods of intimacy, help you to explore new methods of closeness and help you to feel fulfilled as you watch your partner become aroused. As nuru massage is an extremely satisfying activity, you will be able to bond with your partner on a sexual level. If your relationship is new, you will able to discover more about pleasuring your partner, as well as increasing your own sexual knowledge. For those that have been in a relationship for some time, nuru massage can put the sexual energy back into your love life, allowing you to rediscover the fiery passion in your lives.

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