9 Ways to be a Little More Sexy This Year @DoctorKatSmith

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Each year we start off with a bang and full of hopes for positive change. We promise to lose weight, get healthier, wealthier and let go off the old. Part of all those great ideas is to be all that you can be and bringing out all of your sexiness in the new year.


You maybe thinking that you are about as sexy as they come, but for those of you who think you can add some spice to the picture, here are

9 ways to be a little more sexy this year.

1. Get a new hairstyle. Hair can be very sexy. It is quite the accessory and a cut that moves and frames your face just right adds some interest and attitude.

2. Find out what pleases you and do or ask for it. Relationships are a two way street, so no more only focusing on pleasing him or faking orgasms. Speak up and ask for what you want. Men love it when you act like the boss.

3. Learn a foreign language. Speak a few words of French or Spanish during a date or sex can really turn up the excitement. It is a great add to role play as well.

4. Speaking of role play, try some. Shake off the old usual date and plan to meet your lover as strangers and let yourself get picked up. Go somewhere no one knows you and watch the other customers envy your sexual liberation.

5. Lose the everyday casual and spread the love in your closet. We all have fallen in love with the athleisure wear, but yoga pants and are not fashionable for everywhere and every “body”. Do a closet clean and wear your clothes you’ve been saving. Find the style that compliments your lifestyle and figure and work it.

6. Once a month, find out something new about your lover’s desires or fantasies and help make them come true. Be open but don’t judge them is you are not down for something. Get options and pick one that will expand your repertoire and that you will enjoy too.

7. Stop being afraid to show the part of you that is caring and human. Social media can sometimes bring out the worst in all of us. We can hide behind the keyboard. Don’t kill that loving part of you that truly cares about others, animals and injustice. Play with puppies or kittens, talk with an older person, laugh with a toddler or baby. It’s an endearing quality and sexy as hell!

8. Take a cooking, art or any other class you’ve been thinking of. Have a life outside of Instagram and hanging with your man and his buddies. Explore and fulfill one of your dreams and goals and build your self esteem, self confidence and self worth. Now that is sexy!

9. Replace all your old underwear with new sexy lingerie. That even sounds so much sexier. Throw away the old granny panties and get several matching sets of bras and panties and feel sexy each time you wear the…or take them off.

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder, however, you know how you feel when you are. Take some time to dust off the usual and add some sizzle this new year.

Dr Kat Smith

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Dr. Katherine "Kat" Smith, DHS is a Doctor of Human Sexuality and formerly co-host of a four year syndicated morning radio show with ABC Radio Networks, Inc. and a weekly show, A Woman's Point of View. She manufactures products for couples and is the producer of the Love & Romance Expo. Dr. Kat is the author of several books including 69 Tips to Enrich Intimacy and Romantic Retreats in Texas.

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