15 February is Best Day of Your Single Life

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Some singles allow themselves to sink to an abyss of sadness and self-pity on Valentine’s Day.  If you think about it, it’s easier to be bitter and depressed than it is to be proactive about the positives of being single on the Day of Cupid.

These facts may help make it easier to realize it’s OK being single…

  • No need to dispose of a dead floral arrangement.
  • Spin class continues to make you look great and isn’t a necessity to burn off the empty calories from a box of chocolates.
  • You’re not hung over from champagne when you go to work the next day.
  • According to most financial statistics, people in relationships spend an average of $175 on their Valentine.

Being single saved you money on Valentine’s Day?  Congratulations! You’re $175 richer!

You were going to spend that money on someone anyway, so why not spend $175 on you?   Here are some fantastic ideas of how to apply that Valentine’s cash to your fabulous single life…

  • Hit a good seasonal sale. You can find some amazing deals on clothing this time of year, and if you’re a savvy shopper, you’ll find deals on transitional pieces that will take you into Spring.  Having a few new looks will give you some extra swagger when you go on your next date.
  • Spruce up your bedroom. Great seasonal sales also include home goods, and purchasing some new bedding, accessories or artwork for your bedroom will improve your environment.  A little updating will lift your spirits and give you a boost in bedroom mojo.
  • Take a class. A great way to meet new people and to learn a new skill is to take a class.  Find one that interests you such as cooking, wine tasting or even a new language.  Depending on the tuition cost, you might even be able to take two!
  • Buy a tanning package and a personal training session. Winter doldrums hit the best of us, and adding a little color to our faces or learning a few tricks to beef up our workouts is just the ticket to fight the blues.
  • Use the cash to start your savings for a vacation. If you haven’t taken a Single Boy or Single Girl vacation, you need to start planning that getaway.  Going on holiday solo or with a friend will do you a world of good.

With some extra cash in your pocket and being a pound or two less from not devouring the gift of chocolate, being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t suck.  Being single means being the solo pilot of your plane- it’s up to you whether you want to crash land on the 14th or soar with eagles on the 15th.

My vote is to take the cash and fly high.


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