The essentials for attracting online daters

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In the busy modern world, where Millennials spend their days glued to their desks, working hard to climb the career ladder hoping to eventually earn enough to cover the rising cost of living, it can be hard for single people to get out there and find someone to share their life with. That is why so many young people are now looking for love online.

Internet dating is something of a special science and singletons should be aware of the way they present themselves if they want to be sure of attracting the right kind of date – and potentially building a relationship.

Here we look at some of the dos and don’ts of online dating, to help singles get the most out of their internet love search experience.

Getting the right photo for your online dating profile

First, you MUST have your photo on your profile to get a date; profiles with no picture are skipped over by online daters.

Choose a photograph that you feel is actually representative of the person you are – a recent photo that has not been overly edited or filtered is the best – you want your date to recognise you if you meet in person and not to be disappointed that the real life version looks so different.

Research has shown that photos hinting at your social life and hobbies can be helpful – think a picture taken on the ski slope, or while wearing your workout gear.

The perfect profile

Once you have picked your picture, it is time to turn you attention to your profile. If you are wondering how to write your dating profile to best attract online daters, there are few hard and fast rules, however, the biggest one is that you must be positive and not sell yourself short!

If blowing your own trumpet doesn’t come easily, you can ask a friend to write on your behalf – it’s often easier for others to highlight our plus points.

Getting in touch

Once your dating profile goes live it is time to start making connections – but how should you handle these early contacts? If you are sending the first message, keep it short and positive. Mention points from the prospect’s profile to show you are interested in more than just their picture and try to create some common ground using this information.

If the conversation continues make plans to meet sooner rather than later – you don’t want to invest too much time in someone with whom you might not share any real life chemistry.

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