The Ageless Secret for Keeping Your Relationship Healthy

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We’ve all heard those stories about couples who met in high school and grew old together still clinging on to their love. But have you ever wondered, “What’s their secret”? Or asked yourself, “How do they manage to maintain, and strengthen their love over the years?”

Although the answer isn’t as simple as you think, the guidelines can still be met with lots of practice.

Are you up for the challenge? Great, here are some ways you can strengthen your relationship while keeping things spicy.

Understand, accept and appreciate.

Relationships live and die by the sword, but by the amount of discussion. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 3 years or 10 years, getting to know each other should always be on the top of your priority list. As social beings, we’re always going through and experiencing different changes. These changes can be influenced by work, family issues, and financial obligations. Whatever the case maybe, talk to your partner, and find out what they’re going through. In other words, enjoy the small talk and listen to your partner’s tone of voice. This will give you the ability to determine whether or not they’re telling the truth about their feelings.

Say things like, “I love you” and “have a nice day” to each other.

You’d be surprised how much those three simple words can mean to someone. Many in the field of family marriage counseling points out how some simple kind words in the morning will impact your partner’s day tremendously. For example, it’s a great way to buy some patience when battling traffic jams, or coming into a busy schedule at work.

Just remember, don’t say these words, unless you mean it. A person’s heart should not be played with, and you don’t want to find what could happen if you’re caught trying to take advantage of someone’s feelings.


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Explore new avenues.

Typically, problems within relationships begin to arise when one or both partners get bored from conducting the same old routines. With that being said, challenge yourself and do something out of the ordinary for both you and your partner. Things to venture out and try:

  •  Schedule regular date nights.
  •  Send romantic text messages.
  •  Establish goals together.
  •  Ask each other meaningful questions.
  •  Find a joint project to work on.

Understand the importance of trust and honesty.

Strong relationships are like a really good conversation with someone you admire, trust and cherish – they are ever-changing, engaging, wonderfully rewarding and sometimes surprising. Generally speaking, most relationships are built off of one key aspect, communication!

Communicating with one another on the regular basis gives both partners the ability to trust one another. To put it differently, communication builds trust, and trust builds honesty which later leads to friendships. If this process is done correctly, you won’t only marry your significant other, you’ll be marrying your best friend.

Express your love.

Though relationships, experience ups, and downs, love, like communication is another key component to building an everlasting bond between you and your partner. As a matter of fact, love is always the foundation. Remember, to be patient with your heart, and be patient with the hearts around you. If you see potential in someone, allow it to develop and form on its own (naturally) without forcing anything to transpire.

As a final point, it’s important to remember men often times take longer to open up than women do. Be patient, and keep in mind, just because someone may not love the same you do,  doesn’t mean they don’t love with all that they have.

Hope this keeps things spicy!

Thank you for taking time out your day to read my article. I would like to know, however, do you have any tips for readers about the dating world? Or know some ways they can keep the relationship strong? I will be checking for comments, so feel free to express your thoughts.


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