How To Quickly Get Over Your Ex

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Getting over your ex is such a fulfilling feeling.  Finally, you feel ready to move on and think positively about your future.  Only, what if you’re not actually at that place yet where you feel completely over your ex?  Some people take a quick time to get over their exes, and other people take years to get over their past loves.  The problem with taking forever to get over your former flame is that your refusal to let go could be preventing you from attracting better prospects.  If you want to get over your ex quickly, you need to develop a strategy and you need to stick to that strategy.  Here are some tried and true ways to move forward to a better romantic future:

Creating A Grieving Period

It might seem strange to schedule in some time to allow yourself to feel your pain, but scheduling grief time over your past relationship will help you to set boundaries.  When you schedule yourself a grieving period from 5 pm to 8 pm every Tuesday and Thursday for two weeks, you need to focus your time outside of those time periods towards moving on with your life.  During your grieving time, you can write letters to your ex about how disappointed you are in his or her actions.  You don’t actually have to send those letters to your ex, but you might feel relieved to get your feelings out on paper.  You can think about all of the ways that you and your former flame were incompatible, you can remind yourself of the good times that you shared, and you can question yourself about why it took you so long to disassociate yourself from a union that was clearly not working.  Outside of your scheduled grieving time, you should be dedicated to doing things that make you feel hopeful about your future.  I find that reading articles about people who have bounced back from heartbreak helps me to feel motivated about moving beyond my disappointments.

Designing Your Dream Partnership

Life doesn’t work out exactly as we plan, but you can feel satisfaction and motivation when you put your thoughts on paper about the kind of mate you want to connect with.  This is your opportunity to move beyond the mistakes you made with your prior love and correct those errors by finding someone who is a better match for you.  Was your ex a smoker who refused to quit, and you prefer dating a non-smoker?  Well, now is your chance to create a guideline of everything your new love will need to have in order for you to even consider getting involved.  Most business leaders map out a direction of how they want their firms to grow.  You might not be the chief executive officer of a business, but you most certainly are the chief executive officer of your life, and most especially, you’re the CEO of your romantic life.   Write a long list of what you want in a partnership and create a plan of action on how to make that happen.

Forgive Yourself Before Moving Forward

keep-calmIt is so easy to blame yourself for the mistakes you made in your previous relationship.  Blaming yourself for holding on too long to your ex and not leaving sooner will not help you to feel better about yourself.  It is crucial that you feel good about yourself before you implement your plan of action to move forward because plans stemmed in negativity produce negative results.  You need to realize where you went wrong, realize where your ex went wrong, forgive yourself and the situation, and resolve not to allow your mistakes to prevent you from building a new and functional partnership.  You’ll be mentally blocking yourself from moving forward when you keep focusing on what didn’t work in the past.  You don’t look behind you when you’re trying to walk towards something that is in front of you, and the same applies to developing a better future with someone new.

Focus your time on being productive.  Go to places where you might actually meet the kind of person you want to connect with.  If you want to meet a fitness enthusiast, then head to your local fitness center, buy a membership, and strike up conversations with the center’s members.  Join a niche dating website for singles who share your interests.  For instance, if you enjoy horseback riding, joining a dating site for equestrian singles.  You need to invest in yourself because you are worth investing in.  Maybe your ex treated you badly and you’re having a hard time recovering from your feelings of shame, disappointment, and regret.  However, you deserve to be treated well, and if your ex wasn’t acting appropriately towards you, it’s more than time to move on.  As long as you are still alive, you can make a better decision; it’s not too late.  Don’t dwell on wishing you’d ended your relationship sooner; just do it now.  Cut off all ties with your ex.  Allow yourself  time to grieve, pamper yourself, indulge in your favorite activities, and dedicate your efforts towards moving on with your life in a positive way with a much more suitable partner.

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