The Do’s and Don’ts of Sex in Public

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Sometimes when you’re out and about, the mood can strike without warning. Sometimes you won’t be in the privacy of your own home for a while. Sometimes you just want to get down and dirty…in public.

There’s something exhilarating about the possibility of someone walking in on you while you’re getting it on. It can also be a great way to spice things up, when you're trying to get your boyfriend to chase you again. There’s also something pretty mortifying about it, too. Walking this line can be pretty hot, and with the weather turning from the heat of summer to the chill of the winter, you may have to get a bit more creative with your opportunities.

Sex in public isn’t something that’s going to happen daily (unless, of course, you’re a total adrenaline junkie), so if you find yourself caught up in the moment, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

In a Car

There’s something super sexy about doing it in a vehicle. It’s inconvenient, uncomfortable and yet so hot at the same time. Not having walls or shades to shield you, the windows leaving you exposed, should someone come along, so…

Do ensure the locale you choose is truly deserted.

Do utilize the recline feature.

Do be discreet if there are other passengers in the vehicle, and maybe just keep it to hands. However, if you happen to be in a limo, put up the divider and have at it. That’s what those things are for 😉

Do make sure you’re parked in the very back of a drive-in. You don’t want to end up the sideshow.

Don’t pull over on the side of an even remotely busy road. You are just asking to have a cop knock on your window.

Don’t attempt sex while you or your partner is driving. This is stupid and dangerous—no matter what it looks like in the movies.

At a Party/Gathering

Sometimes the mood strikes at a social soiree and you aren’t quite ready to leave the party just yet. The more people in attendance, the easier it is to duck into a room and have a quickie before anyone is the wiser.

Do make sure doors are locked. You don’t want to be getting it on in someone’s bedroom, bathroom, closet, or laundry room and have the door flung open on you.

Do utilize your vehicle at this time if a room doesn’t seem to be an option. Sneaking outside shouldn’t be all that difficult if the rest of the guests are distracted.

Don’t disrespect someone else’s bed. I would seriously freak out if someone had sex in my bed. Try to keep it a little classy and either use the bed to prop yourself up while he’s behind you, or the floor if you want to get completely horizontal.

Movie Theatre

The movies have always had an undertone of public sex about them. It’s dark, sometimes almost empty and it can get boring sitting in the same spot for two hours. Groping almost becomes second nature when you can move the armrests out of the way.

Do make sure the movie you’re in is for more mature audiences. Attempting this at a Pixar or Disney flick is just rude!

Do make sure no one sits behind you (the last row is really ideal), so this way you can make sure no one is getting a free show.

Don’t sit in the front row, even if the theatre is empty. If anyone walks in, you’ll get caught with your pants down. Literally.



Now and then, excusing yourself and meeting up in the bathroom can be an exciting way to spice things up. Your heart will definitely be pounding with the thought someone could catch you, or at the very least, know what you’ve been up to.

Do utilize text messaging to make sure the coast is clear.

Do opt for the men’s room. They tend to have less traffic and if you use a stall, the urinals can fend off anyone who enters after you.

Don’t leave the table together. This couldn’t be any more obvious!

Don’t forget to check the locks. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and the main door will have a lock on it. Use it. Now you can use the sink if you’d like. If it’s a single use restroom—even better!

Don’t lean on or use the toilet—for any reason. Ew.

A Hotel/Resort

A couple’s getaway generally means you’ll be stocking up on the sex while you’re there, but no one said you have to keep it in your room.

Do utilize your balcony. Some places have balconies that can shield your entire body while standing up. It makes a great leaning spot and the outside air will feel good on your skin.

Do utilize a dock, boat, or pier. If it’s not your boat or at least your rental, then I’d advise against the whole trespassing thing.

Do go for it in an outdoor shower. Some resorts have private rock showers, it’s almost impossible to use one without attempting sex.

Don’t do it on the beach. It’s an awesome idea in theory, but in reality you will inevitably get sand in places no one should ever have sand in.

Don’t do it in the hot tub. Another “better in theory” idea.

Some Major Don’ts

Public Transportation – Just don’t, it’s gross enough as it is.

Airplane Bathrooms – The Mile High Club isn’t even real, and anyone who thinks getting laid in one of those things is hot, is just crazy. There’s no room, they usually smell, and every flight attendant I’ve ever met watches them like a hawk. Don’t bother trying.

Playgrounds or Schools – Unless you want to have to register as a sex offender in the future, keep your sex sessions far away from any designated school zones.

— — –

Sex in public can be a really good time if you do it right. If not, it can be really embarrassing… Utilize these Dos and Don’ts, pick your locations, partners, and timing wisely, but most all, have fun! What are some of your dos and don’ts for a little fun in a public place?

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