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We women tend to hate on each other. We criticize, judge, and insult other women mainly due to jealousy or our own insecurities. But have you ever noticed that men don’t do this? You don’t hear men calling each other names, such as bitch, whore, slut, ugly, fat, etc. Why can’t we be supportive and positive when amongst our own gender? Why do we behave in this detrimental way? If you ask me, it’s because we’re sipping on some haterade.

They’re just jealous…


According to Urban Dictionary, haterade is “a figurative drink purportedly consumed by individuals who are jealous of others, fueling their ability to be jealous of or hate on others.” I remember when a friend of mine found out that her ex-boyfriend was engaged, this haterade come out in full force. Instead of being happy and supportive, the first thing she said was, “Look at his fiancé. She’s not even pretty.”  In reality, the fiance was actually very pretty, so I immediately replied, “What did she do to you that made you want say that?” Obviously she didn’t have a clear response for me.

Ladies, do not take it out on the other woman. It’s not her fault that he did not want to be with you or, even, marry you. When you react like my friend did, go ahead and ask yourself, “Why am I sippin’ on haterade? Does it taste good?” I bet it doesn’t. When you express this type of hatred towards another woman for no reason or out of jealousy, you are clearly exposing your own insecurities, harming yourself and, worst of all, harming other people in the process.

Stick together girls!

The Kardashian clan is a perfect example of women being hated on by other adult women. I do admit that the Kardashian ladies are indeed fame whores, but I will not hate on them. They are beautiful and have strategically marketed themselves to become multi-millionairesses, so, kudos to them! Regardless of their success and obvious beauty, so many women continue complain and criticize their looks, actions, and almost any tiny detail about them. But do you think the Kardashian family actually cares what the public thinks of them? No way! So why waste your time and energy to continually hate on them?

As a contrast, I’ve noticed that when men fight, the fight eventually ends. They may physically hurt each other but they end up calling a truce. We women will say vicious things to each other and get mutual friends to turn on the person we dislike, but we won’t call a truce or actually end this behavior. It reminds me of mean girls back in school. Even young middle school girls who feel threatened by innocent girls will turn to bullying. You would think this would end once we all graduate and enter the real world, but it’s so sad to see that many of us haven’t grown out of this behavior as adults. When will this hate end?

Don’t hold grudges.

Instead of focusing negative energy on other people by bashing them, we should really be focusing on positivity and ourselves. Let’s embrace one another and unite as one strong and supportive gender. Now, go find your oldest bra and go burn it like our mothers did during the feminist movement in the 60s…just kidding!

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