How To Handle The Drawbacks of Being Single

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Being single can be fun because you are free to explore your passions and interests without the distractions of a partner vying for all of your available moments.  You get to eat whatever you want, stay up late watching your favourite movies, wear anything you please, and go wherever and whenever you want without having to take another person’s likes and dislikes into consideration.  Even though the single life can be amazing fun, it can get lonely at times.  Each person is wired with hormones and emotions, and it is not good to let feelings get pent up.  Everyone needs support and opportunities to release their worries.  Here are some tips on how to deal with the frustrations of being single:

Surround Yourself With Support

It is easy to forget during your season of singleness that you actually are not alone.  You’re not the only person in the world who is frustrated with being single.  The fact that there are thousands of online dating websites and dating apps  available on the market for singles should bring you comfort because it’s clear that there are lots of people who are searching for mates.  Go ahead and use  your abundance of free time during your season of singleness to search the Internet for the right niche dating website for you. Niche dating sites target people with specific relationship goals, and the members on those sites should be very understanding about what you’re going through as you search for a suitable companion.  Many internet dating communities have forums for their members who are seeking advice and support about relationships.  Networking offline is helpful in terms of meeting people as well.  Ask your friends and family members for encouragement and support as you navigate the waters of singlehood. Tell your loved ones what traits you are looking for in a partner and they might actually introduce you to people who would be good matches for you.

Get In Touch With Yourself

One  of the toughest things about being single is the lack of human touches.  Healthy relationships should be loving and affectionate.  Investing in a flirty passion toy for your solo fun play will help you to de-stress.  Using sensual products will also remind you of all of the intimacy that you can look forward to when you find the right person.  Stay focused on discovering what you enjoy.  Pamper yourself by getting massages, pedicures and manicures.  Delight in your own company and write down in a notebook the qualities you can offer to the next person you’ll be building a romantic relationship with.  Figure out what you need in order to live happily during singlehood and during partnership.  When the right person enters your life, the time you spent figuring out what you want and don’t want in a partner will help you to recognize whether  what you have is true love.

Get Your Space Ready


Your mental space and your physical space need to be in prime conditions right now.  Even if you are happy being single, it is impossible not to notice all of the couples around you holding hands at the shopping malls, at work, in the parks, and in your housing area.  Seeing happy couples everywhere can make you feel even more alone than you already feel.  However, you need to stay positive and remind yourself that it is completely possible for you to find your soul-mate because other people found their soul-mates too!  You just need to get yourself ready.  Use your single time to get rid of reminders of your former relationships.  If you are friends with your exes and you truly want to keep mementoes of your time together, then by all means, do so.  However, if you have a box stored way in the back of your closet and it’s filled with reminders of past relationships that you’d rather forget about, ditch the keepsakes.  You will have a difficult time bringing someone new into your life when you are still holding on to old habits and feelings.

Have faith.  The right person for you really wants to find you just as much as you want to find him or her.  Focus on staying positive and strong during your single time.  You’ll have a hard time finding someone who appreciates you if you don’t first learn how to appreciate yourself.  Like everything worth having in life, preparation and perseverance are the keys to unlocking opportunities.  Let your past relationship mistakes go, and do your best to make your eventual transition into a new relationship as positive as possible.

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