Three rules for a great opening line.

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I run a matchmaking service. The company was born out of work I’d been doing in building Twitter followings for brands; one of which was a well-known multi-national online-dating service. Aside from news of the day and celebrity content on Twitter one of the biggest topics is personal relationships. Everything from what someone’s boyfriend did, through to experiences on Tinder and all the way onto tips and tricks for the dating game itself. Of the 500 million tweets sent each day, about 100 million fall into this category… or about 1,000 tweets  per second.

Tweeting and matchmaking also have something else in common. When it comes to making an introduction you need to be engaging, sound smart and say what you need as quickly as possible (or within 140 characters) or risk failure, rejection and embarrassment. Riffing off this insight we started Tweeting quotes that could be used as pick-up lines. Now, a quick search on Twitter with the hashtag #pickupline and you’ll see these get very dirty and wildly inappropriate very quickly. We felt that there was a ‘gap in the market’ for clean things to say when making an introduction. We call these Opening Lines.

Today @GoCuplin has over 7k followers and much used as a resource for quotes to use when dating or supporting single friends. What we have learnt is that a good Opening Line allows people to borrow some credibility while saying what they need to say without tripping up. A good Beatles quote for example says what you need to convey, but the fact it was said by Beatles originally gives the tone in which you wish it to be conveyed – particuQuoteslarly helpful if you’re dating online, where there is no face-to face chemisty.

Whether it’s your own original line or borrowed from someone great, these three rules should ensure a great way to make a first impression when online-dating or out in the real-world:


Be flirtatious

Be flirtatious but careful not to be rude or directly sexual. Basically something you wouldn’t be embarrassed a co-worker or member of your family to hear you saying. One of my favorites is “All I want is someone who’s willing to be my Sunday morning and my Friday night”.


Be observational

Make sure you are saying something that is relevant and not just pulling something out of the blue sky. Say something about the restaurant you are at, like “It’s good to be with someone who gives you the same feeling as when you see your food coming to the table”. Something in current pop-culture is also always a winner. We frequently see great success between potential couples who use quotes from movies and music. It’s a very quick way to articulate who you are, what you like and what you stand for without having to be overly deep and drawn out on a first date.

Lastly, delivery is everything

If the chemistry is right, then the only one other thing you need is timing. As a general rule phone calls, text, Facebook messages etc shouldn’t happen after 9pm – and certainly not after a few drinks. You might be more lucid then… but in the morning you’ll be much more honest and honesty is the highest form of intimacy. As Lous Lange said “technology is a useful servant and a dangerous master”.


Matthew Morgan, founder of matchmaking app, Cuplin and @GoCuplin on Twitter, a study of great Opening Lines.

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I have extensive professional experience in the online-dating scene. This includes individually coached men and women, writing articles and speaking at industry events. I also worked for one of the world’s largest online-dating sites and am today a co-founder of the new dating/matchmaking app called Cuplin –

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