The Art of Being a Real Woman by @detroitdate

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If you want a man – a real man, that is strong, confident and masculine, you’re going to have to put your imaginary penis away! You might think that you know what men desire and you are flaunting your “girl penis” to garner their attention, but you are actually driving men away. Femininity is what men desire, not a power struggle. A woman who may have some edges is great, yet he wants her to emphasize her soft, vulnerable, girly nature so much more.

The Art of Being a Real Woman

woman with flowersA man wants to feel your femininity when he is in your presence. If you behave as though you are so independent that he is not necessary he will be entirely turned off. While they appreciate an accomplished and strong woman, they also want to feel needed. It is their nature to assume the role of protector, provider and leader. That’s not to say that they get to take the reins and always be in control, but if you want him to stay around, you need to submit to this notion somewhat.

When I work with female clients I stress the importance of getting in touch or in some cases, back in touch with your feminine side. As a woman you need to remember why the hell you like men to begin with. What is it about them that give you those butterflies? Is it the idea of what he is or is it a tangible thing that produces that emotion?

Think about how you can tap into this from a man’s perspective. Men want you to be feminine by smelling good, dressing sexy (not slutty), expressing your sweetness and being soft. In order to express these qualities regularly in the presence of your man you have to practice it in everyday life. You need to make a list of why you like being a woman. Also include what you like about men. Things like:

  • The way you feel protected with his arms around you or how he looks at you when he loves you.
  • The way wearing a beautiful bra or form fitting skirt makes you feel sexy.

If you make this list mentally or write it on a piece of paper, review it as often as you can, daily even. Embrace what it feels like to be a woman in general and a woman who can express that femininity to men. Let go of the notion that you are showing weakness by acting like a woman.

Old habits die hard

I know that there are a lot of women out there that have been waving their dick around so long, that they feel there is no other way to be. As a woman in business I especially understand how this happens. When you are the head bitch in charge and decision maker day in and day out, it is often difficult to break away from that. If you don’t balance the two worlds you will ultimately be stuck in just one. They don’t say “it’s lonely at the top” for nothing. If you are like me, you have to give yourself a time out and think about it in a logical sense first. If the outcome and desired result is success in love, you have to be willing to invest. Can you put your dick away long enough to slip into that dress and mindset that makes you feel sexy, or are you going to keep making it a pissing contest?

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