How to Hack Tinder and GPS Your Way To Love by @swiperightdiary

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tinder location hackWhether you’re a newbie or regular Tinder user, you will have worked out by now that you can set your search radius to find potential matches close to you. Carry on reading as I’m going to tell you how you can easily tweak your Tinder location in your favor.

How Tinder grabs your location is described briefly in their privacy policy here. This got me thinking: the app retrieves your phone location to set your search criteria. Have you often wondered why you get matches from pretty far away even though your search radius is local? This could explain it:

Why is Tinder Matching Me with Someone Far Away?

You haven’t had GPS switched on for a while, the last time you did may have been travelling, and your phone still thinks you’re there. How do you fix it? Check your phone location settings, you can usually use GPS or WIFI (less accurate). Enable them and refresh your location state by opening Google Maps.

You don’t need to have your location settings active at all times, but if you want the radius to travel with you, you have to keep it up to date. Once you have refreshed it, you can turn off GPS and WIFI to save your battery it won’t affect the Tinder radius, it will just fix it at that point.

Do You Want to Set Tinder to a Specific Location?

You may have found that some locations are more fruitful for you than others, ie your work location may be better than your home. Do you work in the city but live in the burbs where hits are few and far between? Here is how you can solve that problem. You can hack Tinder to make it believe you are in any location in the world; a chosen holiday destination you are about to visit, or if you want to see what the dating pool is like in an area before you move. The uses are only limited with your imagination.

How Tinder Hack and GPS Your Way to Love:

Tinder grabs your phone location as set by your GPS and/or Wifi. This is also used by Google Maps. If you can convince Google Maps of your new fake location then Tinder will follow suit.

*Warning I don’t take any responsibility for the support of these apps or using them on your phone.*

I’m an Android user so after a bit of Play App store searching I found this app: FakeGPS free. You get a few ads but it works fine.

  1. Download the app and install it.

  2. Set your location settings and switch on GPS.

  3. Then go into your phone settings > Advanced Settings > Activate the toggle > Switch on allow mock locations.

  4. Open the FakeGps app and choose whatever location you wish to use for your Tinder base and click the “PLAY” button to engage.

  5. Open Google maps to check that it’s been set, you should see the location match the new one you have just chosen.

  6. Tinder sometimes doesn’t pick this up right away, so go into your phone Settings > Application Manger > Tinder > Force Stop. Then re-open Tinder. It’s easier than re-starting your phone.

You should now find that your results are purely based on your fake location, not your actual one. Have a play and see what areas give you the best results. Showing up being more local to your chosen location, will get more matches as everyone prefers to date someone close by.

REMEMBER: If you want to use your phone’s GPS accurately after this, you will need to undo the above and restart your phone to flush the Fake GPS settings out.

If you’re an iphone user, I’ve found the following app: Fake Location, but I can’t vouch for it.

Don’t have an Android or an iphone? Try a few from your equivalent app store. I’m sure there will be something.

Now What?

Enjoy Tindering around the world. Have fun talking to matches in all the coolest of places. Who knows, you could make a great connection abroad or just in the town next to you.

Having fun with being a Tinder tourist? Tell me your experiences in a comment below!

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  • September 6, 2014

    Meena Avery

    I didn’t even know that this was possible! Maybe I’ll set my settings to Hawaii, meet an awesome guy there and then I’ll finally have an excuse to move there! Perhaps I’ll be able to GPS my way to love on a tropical island!

    • September 12, 2014

      James S.

      Go for it Meena, the world is your oyster.