How to Ask A Lesbian Out in 4 Easy Steps

how to ask a Lesbian out in 4 easy steps
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The number one dating problem that shows up repeatedly in lesbian dating is that women won’t ask other women out.

That makes it not only hard to get a date; it makes it impossible to get a date.

Why is this happening?

Pretty much 100% of the lesbians I know and don’t know, grew up in heterosexual families and in those families, men ask women out. That’s the cultural rule even if you don’t like it.

We absorbed most of our culture’s rules unconsciously. So in lesbian land this shows up as women not asking women out on dates.

Now this just isn’t acceptable and it needs to stop. You want a date and not just one date, but a lot of dates that eventually lead to a great relationship.

If no one is asking, no one is dating.Lesbian

Stop waiting. It’s time for you to ask a lesbian out!

You need to just do it. Ask. Stop rehearsing and do the deed.

The biggest mistake lesbians make when it comes to asking another lesbian out is you over think it. You spend days, weeks, months and sometimes years thinking about asking. Then you play out a series of movies in your head about the results but you never take action

The most successful lesbians I know approach asking a woman out in a very simple way.

Ask a Lesbian Out in 4 Easy Steps:

1) Decide ahead of time that if she says no, it doesn’t say a thing about you. If she says no, it’s fine. Consider it a gift that you won’t spend any time or money wondering about this woman. It’s clear you need to keep looking and keep asking.

2) When you identify a lesbian for a possible date, smile at her and establish eye contact. If she holds your gaze, walk over and say hello. Tell her your name and ask what her name is.

3) Engage her in a conversation about what ever is happening around you. Is it a concert? A dinner party? A t-dance? A bar-b-que? What ever is happening, take the time to talk to her and compliment her on something. If she stays engaged in the conversation, she’s interested in you.

4) Go for the hard part now. Ask for her number and say you’d like to take her out if she’s interested. Here’s how this goes:

“You know, I’ve really enjoyed talking to you. It’s been fun. I’d love to spend more time with you and get to know you better. Would you be interested in going on a date next Saturday?”

See how easy that was? Yes, you used the word date. Excellent. You complimented her. Again excellent! And you indicated when you’d like to make this date happen. You’ve covered the important bases of asking a lesbian out on a date.

Now get out there and ask that lesbian out.

She could say no, it’s true. But she could also say yes!

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Mary G. Malia is The Gay Girl Dating Coach. As a consultant to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, she's helped executives groom themselves for success and now as a dating coach to smart and successful lesbians, she'll help you navigate a whole new way of dating in the age of technology. Working with Mary, you'll discover what you need to hone in on, focus on and what to ignore. Stop wasting your time and start dating for long lasting love and success.

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