15 Signs That the Guy You are Dating is a Serial Womanizer by @joshuapompey

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Playing Hard To GetAlright ladies.  I know this is tough to hear.  But while some of you think you are dating an amazing dream guy, in reality, he is nothing more than a two-timing womanizer.  Not to worry though.  In this article we will be taking a look at

15 Signs that the Guy you are Dating is a Serial Womanizer!

1.  His Phone is Always Dead.

These days people always have a charger on them.  If his phone is always conveniently dead, it may just be for a reason.

2.  He is Always “Working”

Yea, people work a lot these days.  But when the boss just keeps “asking him to stay late” over and over, something may be up.

3.  He Ignores Your Texts.

There are few excuses for not texting someone back within an hour these days  This may just be because he can’t let the girl he is with see.

4..  He Comes Home Smelling Like Perfume

And if its his own perfume, you may have a whole different set of problems on your hands!

5.  He is Always Moody

Bad behaviors will definitely affect a persons overall mood. The stress may just cause him to experience wild mood swings.

6.  Unknown Numbers in His Phone

Spying may not be politically correct, but if you see twenty names in his phone you’ve never hear of, and you’ve been dating a while, it may be time to question who those people actually are.

7.  He Hides his Phone when he Gets Home

Why?  Because he’s afraid a text from another woman will go off in front of you.

8.  He Gets Startled when you Pop Up Behind him at a Computer

If he’s not surfing porn, its very likely he’s doing something else thats secretive at the computer.

9.  His Facebook Wall is Littered with Likes and Comments from Other Women

Its never a good sign when other women are creeping on a man like this.  Ever.  Odds are he has returned some of that attention to them as well.

10.  He Promises You the World and Never Delivers

Serial Womanizer’s love to promise women the world, but they are usually empty promises.  A man dating multiple women won’t have the time or money to come through on these promises.

11.  You have Never met his Friends or Family

If you’ve been dating a while and this has never happened, its because you are one of many and not his real girlfriend!

12.  He is a Bit “Too Charming”

Call it instinct.  Call it intuition.  But sometimes you can just feel it when a guy is playing you.  If you have the serial dating womanizer feeling, chances are, your gut is correct.

13.  He Always Wants to Stay In

Going out runs the risk of getting caught and spending money.  Staying in means free sex and not being seen.

14.  He Only Calls You Last Second to Hang Out

This is a classic sign that you are just another number in the rotation, and probably not his number one girl either.

15.  He is Always Breaking Plans

Its hard to juggle multiple people.  Often times plans need to get cut at the last second to keep a multiple woman complacent.

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