10 Outstanding Places to Date in London

10 outstanding london dates
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‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.’ as Samuel Johnson said it so well. However, if you intend to avoid having your cat receiving the honour of her own sculpture for being your most formidable relationship, you might want to be more specific on where to date among all the places London offers.

We all agree that computer geeks don’t match with adrenaline junkies and petrol heads might find it difficult to maintain a conversation on 18th century ballet dancers, therefore we shall set our dating target within easy intellectual reach. Destination can determine whether you and your promising companion share mutual interest, so here are some suggestions where to go, if:

1.)    You are a celebrity-spotter:

Yeah, forget about Peckham and focus on trendy restaurants like the China Tang on Park Lane in the Dorchester Hotel. Interior that takes you back to the 30’s Shanghai, toilets the size of the aforementioned city with famous actors citing English poems will provide the grandiose setting. Regular guests such as Russell Crowe or Denzel Washington will ensure the exclusivity of the evening. And with a moderate appetite and thirst, your bill can still stay in the 3-digit region…

2.)    You prefer a blind date:

The Dans Le Noir? London near Farringdon is your place to go: a truly unique experience of eating delicious meal while giving up on the dominant (and often misleading) sense of sight by eating in pitch darkness! While your mouth will be occupied with culinary exercises, talking is still permitted giving you a chance to verbally impress your date.

3.)    You love furry pets but can’t fit them to your 8 x 15 studio:

Felines are known as independent, aristocratic creatures often keeping humanoids as pets. The ultimate cat-lovers’ place is now in Shoreditch: Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is this year’s new sensation. Being a trendy 2-storey cafe with a nice snack and cake menu that provides home for 11 adorable cats, it is a scene to share Discovery Channel experiences and might win a fur ball…

4.)    You are a petrol head and love to discover:

Gear up for a Mini experience to see London from a different perspective! SmallcarBIGCITY offers tailored sightseeing tours in classic Mini Coopers. The Italian Job Tour comes with blue boiler suits and tweed flat caps to authenticate the 90 minute treasure-hunt across London. Knowledgeable drivers will take you to hidden corners of London and the Mini Cooper will make sure that your date will be a close encounter!

5.)    You breath history and call your dog Magna Carta:

Connect a great tour in history and a stylish lunch in the Victoria & Albert Museum. From Baroque to Neo-Classicism you can travel a span of centuries in a few hours and when the journey makes you hungry, the breath-taking Main Café offers hot meals and coffee by the foot of magnificent columns and under a ceiling that is hard to match. This will make you feel like having a visit at a Royal Venue! Perhaps, because it is a royal venue…

6.)    You want to avoid congestion:

The Thames provides an excellent pathway to see many of London’s sights while enjoying great company, have a nice lunch of dinner and still stay well away from the crowd. Many companies provide dining cruises on the river, like the Thames Cruises London or the Bateaux London. Hard to beat eating-out experience to see the Tower for starter and wave hi to James Bond in the MI6 building in Vauxhall by the dessert.

7.)    You prefer solid ground beneath your feet:

The riverside offers amazing walks and a huge variety of small pubs and restaurants. Richmond, Barnes, Chiswick, Kew and Putney are within easy reach by tube or train from Central London but still keep you away from well-known tourist spots offering a romantic and quite stroll by the river with pubs like The Dove, The Old Ship, The Star and Garter or Stein’s.

8.)    You wish to see the big picture:

If you want to avoid queuing up for London Eye but still keen on a panoramic view, you can get your hopes up: the newest addition to public transport, the Emirates Air Line cable car experience will fly you from the Royal Docks to O2 or you can go for an air invasion in a helicopter with Virgin or Toxic Fox. But if you prefer a stylish entry unlike any, Adventure Balloons will be your choice…if the weather gods are on your side…

9.)    You can quote ‘The Big Lebowski’ scene by scene:

Avoid human contact then! (Ok, just joking!) Prince Charles Cinema at Leicester Square is the funkiest cinema in the UK to enjoy a century of motion pictures with regular quote-alongs, sing-alongs, all-night thematic film marathons and Q&A’s with film makers. Licenced to show any films 24/7 and serve food and drinks in the heart of London, you can even hire one of the screens for the two of you if privacy is needed!

10.) You like many things under the same roof, well actually without a roof:

A stroll in the famous Hyde Park, heaving with concerts, free cinema and theatre shows during the summer is the best choice for savvy culture buffs and not only. It’s also ideal for those who just seek a quiet walk and wish to wander around a pond and have an ice cream. The good news is, Hyde Park is huge and mega central, so wherever you resurface after a tiring walk, you’ll be sure to find some rest and a coffee in one of the most beautiful areas London can offer, be it The Victoria and Albert Museum, Queens Park with its ethnic shops or even Buckingham Palace.

That’s all folks. Nothing beats London for places to go on a date. Have a comment? Share it with us.

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