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5 Tips On How to Write an Online Dating Profile for Seniors


Alright Seniors.  I know when you were all children, the last thing you thought you would be doing is finding love online.  In fact, if somebody told you that one day there would be a magical screen connecting people all over the world with one little click, you probably would have looked at them like they had three heads.

But times are changing.  Meeting people on ones daily routine or being set up through friends is no longer the mainstream way of connecting.  Online dating is a powerhouse that has now infiltrated every generation.  And if you want to find success, you need to have a fantastic profile.  In this article I will be discussing five tips on how to write an online dating profile for seniors. So lets get started shall we?

1.  Show your youthful spirit.

You may not have the youthful body of your 21 year-old self, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose that youthful passion for life.  An online dating profile is a window into your personality.  Your goal is to show whoever is looking at your profile that you aren’t just letting life pass you by, but rather, you have an extreme passion for life and that the best times are just getting started.

2.  Demonstrate humor.

There is no age in life where the kid inside you has to go away.  Maturity should not equate to becoming increasingly serious about life.  Everyone loves to laugh and claims to have a good sense of humor.  So when you write your online dating profile, don’t just make those claims, show them by making a few jokes and being playful.  Humor is an extremely attractive quality.

3.  Its not about the past, its about the present.

As seniors, you will have plenty of life experiences.  And not all of those experiences will be pleasant memories.  Maybe somebody cheated on you.  Maybe you are divorced.  But whatever difficulties you have had, leave them out when you write your online dating profile.  Profiles should be nothing but positive with great vibes.  Any profile that shows potential red flags or emotional instability will be passed over. The past may be rough, but your mindset needs to be focused on the future or others will move on to the next profile.

4.  Your photo gallery must be accurate.

I know you are a senior and have had many great life experiences.  But you can’t just post pictures that are five years old or longer.  Sure, thats ok if you want to put up a great picture from an fascinating time in your life, but if you do so, be sure to write a caption making this clear.   The majority of your pictures should all be from the present.  Deceiving someone will only set you up for a negative first date experience, and will result in zero second dates.

5.  Tell a great visual story.

Your photo gallery should tell a visual story about yourself the same way the written part of your profile does.  Don’t just post three pictures of you standing by yourself.  Show all your various interests and qualities.  The more diverse and interesting you come across in your pictures, the more others will be excited to meet you.

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