Friends are going to a singles dating event: Should I go with them? by @DateDeliberate

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Friends are going to a singles event for Debra Kunz

The short answer is YES you should to go the singles dating event with your friends. Another answer is WHY NOT? A third is WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK?

Why you should go to a singles dating event

It’s fun! Ok, maybe for you it’s petrifying though look at it as an adventure. You can stay home, again, and complain about being single…or that the guys you’ve been out with lately aren’t interesting to you…or you can go have some fun with your friends and see who might be there!

Get to go somewhere new. Lots of singles dating events are held in cool places. Might even be one you haven’t been to yet.

Low pressure. It’s a casual environment and an easy going opportunity to strike up a conversation without pressure.

You know everyone is single. It’s a singles event so start with the assumption that people are being honest about that instead of being suspicious that they aren’t. Otherwise, you’ll spend the evening analyzing everyone instead of just relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Just think, you might meet an intriguing man you’d like to see again at this singles dating event!

Excuses you can use to stay home and avoid the singles dating event

The excuse that “there won’t be any ‘quality’” men there. I mean, who goes to these things?” Well, you might be going and you are a “quality” person, right?

Worrying about rejection. You can spend your time worrying about what might happen. Usually “what if he likes me, but I don’t like him?” comes to mind. Especially since you’ll both be “stuck” at the event that evening. That could happen. It could also happen in reverse of course. If this is what’s running through your mind, you’re stopping yourself before you even get started. Knock it off.

I have to let the dog out. Lame. Really lame. I know you’ve been out on the town many evenings in your life and you figured out how to take care of the dog.

I don’t have anything to wear. Doubtful. It’s a great excuse to go shopping, or borrow something from one of your friends, even the married ones.

I’m tired. This one might be legit, but only if you can give me three reasons you’re tired beyond it was a long day. Suck it up and get out there!

Regardless of whether you meet any interesting men, you’ll have a good time with your friends. And, if it’s a total bust you can leave and have a girls’ night out!



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Sought out for her practical wisdom, award-winning author and insightful coach Debra Kunz is a catalyst for deliberate growth in life and relationships. Her great passion is expanding perspectives and inspiring light bulb moments when a person realizes something new about themselves or how to make their life better. For info about her transformational book, “Love is Blind Only if You Are”, and for more dating tips, visit Deliberate Dating.

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