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Keeping the excitement in the bedroom is a common concern for most of us. We are easily bored. We never eat the same old boring dish for every meal, so why perform the same old position in the bedroom? Changing up your routine can bring back the zesty flavor of your romance and your sex.

Let’s get creative and change things up a bit. Here are

20 Sex Positions You Have To Try

Cowgirl – Riding him will guarantee that you will control the pelvic thrusts and tempo. Give it a real western feel with a bouncing action as if you are aon a horse.

Quick Stand – Great for those impromptu moments. Stand face to face and he can hold you up or you can raise one leg for ease.

Rear Stand – This one is sure to hit her g-spot. Enter her while standing at her rear with her slightly bent forward. You hold her hip and shoulder to balance you both and get your grind on.

Human Chair – She faces forward and lowers herself down to ride him with is knees bent for support.

Down Dog – A take on a yoga pose gives a twist to the 69 position. Hands and feet a shoulder’s width apart and a bend a the mid section forming an upside down V. He sits below while you each perform oral pleasure to each other.

Plug n Play – Sit face to face, plug in with her legs over top (straight out behind or folded aside his). This allows for deep penetration and an energy exchange with all chakras matching.

Kitty Style – A little like the doggie style with her lowered head, she arches her back like in a cat in a stretch.

Side Glide – Both lying on side with legs cris crossed glide into a tight fit that’s smooth and hot.

Intersection – She lies on her back with knees up at his mid section, he turns on his side to form a T intersection.

Victory Arch – He kneels and brings her up onto his thighs. She is on her back with legs spread into a V. He olds her ankles and thrusts.

Egypt Rising – She lies in the position of the Sphinx and he joins from either under her or from behind.

Buggy Ride – Standing he holds her up in position. She assists with legs clasped abound him as he bounces her to pleasure.

Zig Zag – She’s on her back one knee up. He’s on top with one knee underneath her raised one.

Bedside Manner – He sits on the edge of the bed and she rides him from the front or rear.

The Cart – She lies face down on the edge of the bed. He lifts her legs and steps in to enter while holding her up on her fore arms.

The Arch – (Her) While in a back bend you both receives oral stimulation. Challenging, but fun.

The Arch – (Him) While he is in a back bend, she gets on top and takes a ride.

The Scissor – One does a handstand with the other’s legs straddling theirs. The one standing squats in and out.

The Jack Hammer – Holding her hands with her upside down and you inside, thrust her up and down.

Oral Pleaser – She lies on her back and crosses her ankles around his neck while you give her pleasure.

Returning the passion and intimacy to relationships is my goal. These are only a few that I’ve come up with, but I encourage you to take a little time to explore other options and make sex fun and exciting again, and again.

Dr Kat Smith

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Dr. Katherine "Kat" Smith, DHS is a Doctor of Human Sexuality and formerly co-host of a four year syndicated morning radio show with ABC Radio Networks, Inc. and a weekly show, A Woman's Point of View. She manufactures products for couples and is the producer of the Love & Romance Expo. Dr. Kat is the author of several books including 69 Tips to Enrich Intimacy and Romantic Retreats in Texas.

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