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3 Tips To Make You More InterestingDo you want to meet a handsome man? A hot guy? A model? A fine piece of eye-candy?  It can be a big challenge OR it can be easy as pie. Just follow my simple tips and before you know it the guys you go gaga for will be eating out of the palm of your hands.  It doesn’t take a super model to get a fine man it takes a seductress. Are you up to the task?

How to find a Handsome Man when Single:

1: Don’t Him You Like Him.

So he’s handsome?  Big deal. He already knows he is attractive; don’t you think women tell him all the time?  Be different!

2.  It’s a Head Game

In the art of seduction confidence is key.  Remember, you’re a 10, not a 5.  Don’t go into the situation thinking he looks better than you, or that he is the catch.  You are, and not only for your looks!  Attractive men go out with all types of women because she thinks like and carries herself like a 10.  You have more to offer than pretty hair and a great smile.  That’s why you are a hot babe too!

3. Play the Art of Seduction

When seducing someone, you have to hit on him, without him knowing it.  Your goal is to make him hit on you.  How do you do this?  It all depends on the situation. Here are 3 possible scenarios:

At the bar:

This works like a charm; I don’t care how crowded that bar is, squeeze in right next to him.  Pretend to try to get the bartenders attention and act like you failed.  Look over at him and say,

“Excuse me, you seem to be able to do this much better than me, could you please get the bartender for me?”

After you order your drink, thank him, and do a cheers with your drinks.  If he turns to face you, you are in.  Tell him, as sweetly as possible, “wow, you must be my good-luck charm.” Smile and introduce yourself.

When Hes With a Group of Friends:

Move in closer to the group, and  listen in on their conversation.  When they are on a topic you can jump in on, do it!  Don’t talk to him yet; start with the least attractive man in the group.  Only a group of jerks will ignore you, and if they are you don’t want to talk to them anyway. If they open the conversation up to you slowly start drawing your attention to the apple of your eye.  While you focus your attention on him, start moving closer to him. Before you know it, the two of you will be talking!

When He’s Alone:

Walk right up to him as if you’re going to hit on him.  Remember he probably gets hit on all the time, so when he looks up ask him where something is, like the bathroom.  Why stoop to this level?  To throw him for a loop.  He knew you were coming over to talk to him, and he was either getting ready to have a conversation with you or reject you.  Since he didn’t get to do either, he’s perplexed.  About 30 minutes later thank him for helping you find your “destination” and compliment him; not on his looks, but on something he’s wearing.

Whatever you do remember: a hot guy is not any more special than you are.  Don’t focus on his looks when you meet him; focus on his personality.  Want more suggestions?  Check out my video on the Art of Seduction:



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