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One of the most daunting things that a girl can hope to experience is her first date with a new guy. Let’s face it you’ve plucked up to courage to arrange a date, now you have about a million thoughts running around your mind wondering, “Do I be myself, or do I save my crazy characteristics for another date?”, “will I be his type”, “I really hope there are no awkward moments” and then “WAIT. What on earth am I going to wear?!” In this article I am going to at least give you some advice on dressing for the occasion, just follow my simple style guide, I hope it helps a little!

Dress to impress!

No matter where your date is, there is no excuse for making minimal effort, you want to make a great first impression right? Well make sure he won’t be able to forget you! Remember, the amount of effort you display in your outfit reflects how much you’re into your date and how much effort you have put in to impress him! I by no means think it is a good idea to wear your heels for a paintballing session, but do dress appropriately. So, if you’re going to for a meal, push the boat out, and if you’re off to the cinema wear your most stylish casual attire!

Remember the occasion!Dressing for your date night

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable on a date, so avoid feeling too dressed up or too casual by planning your outfit in advance! As I have already mentioned, play around with your outfit to make sure your dressed appropriately, a meal and then drinks? An LBD is your new best friend . The cinema and a Nandos? Jeans, blazer and a smart top will serve you well. Don’t forget, accessories are everything, it is absolutely amazing how much jewellery, a clutch bag and heels can dress up or down an outfit, so do a little experimenting!

Less is more…

A few simple equations, more boob= less leg, pristine styled hair= less makeup, smoky eyes & liner= toned down lipstick. Just remember that your date wants to see the real you, he may even start thinking of whether you could be potential girlfriend material. Remember a simple hint, if you lay it all out for him on the first date, why should he need to see you again?

Take your time.

Being rushed means you will be stressed for the date, so make sure you take the time to plan your outfit in advance, and start getting ready well before the time you’re going to meet him, even spare some time for a cheeky glass of wine or a shot before the date for some Dutch courage!

Be yourself!

Express your personality in your outfit, don’t try and dress for the girl that you think he wants you to be because to be honest, you have probably got the idea completely wrong anyway!

Be comfortable.

Being comfortable means you will appear more relaxed, if those figure hugging jeans are digging in you are going to appear more tense, he will notice this! You’re already going to be feeling nervous for the date so make yourself a little more relaxed by dressing comfortably, not just size wise, but wear clothes that you would usually wear, not something you thought would be a good idea at the time!

Final note from me, good luck!

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