5 Ways To Tell He’s Not Destined for The G.F List

G.F List
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I decided long ago that I wasn’t compatible with a lot of men, and I was single for twelve years. Most men I had been out with seemed to be missing a chromosome, and I couldn’t be bothered with them. So rather than labelling myself ‘fussy’ I opted for ‘not compatible’. It’s really the same thing, but the latter seems to stop people from asking nosey questions. So ‘not compatible’ it was.

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Basically, I have never been the type of person who ‘puts up with’ anyone, so if someone is not for me, I wrap it up and move on. If I didn’t, I would not have met boyfriend. That’s right, this single girl of twelve years is in a relationship! Which got me thinking, why didn’t I think my boyfriend was G.F. List material?


Sounds pretty simple, we all do that but what made my guy so different was the first night we went out. We went out for dinner, got kicked out of the restaurant because they were closing, and then stayed up talking until four in the morning. It was so nice to have a soul satisfying conversation with someone. I prefer that over superficial chit-chat and wondering how I can weasel my way out of lame moves some guy is going to make.


My guy is very affectionate. Not in that smothering, putting me on a pedestal kind of way that makes everyone want to vomit, but in a non-clingy affectionate way. He doesn’t do sweet things as a prelude to foreplay either. He will hold my hand while he’s driving, kiss me when I’m sick and just cuddle up next to me. I’ve never come across that before and I think it’s very respectful.


Bad sex is, and always will be, a deal breaker for me. So, to save boyfriend some embarrassment let me just say that he has passion flowing through his veins. I can definitely do more than tick that box; I can give it a gold star.

Common Interests

We have a lot of commonalities. We both set goals, and plan a lot of aspects in our lives. Which is not for everyone, but it freaks me out that he is as passionate about planning success in his life as I am in mine. It’s not all nerd talk either. We’re going mountain bike riding next weekend. Not on mountains or anywhere dangerous though because I’m more of a ‘riding safely along the bike track at the beach’ kind of girl. Which he might tease me about, but so he should


We have differences in our lives too, that’s normal. But unlike some guys I’ve been out with who criticise something they don’t understand, he sees the differences between us as an opportunity to learn something new. How refreshing is my boyfriend!

There are a tonne of things I like about my guy, and while it’s still a fresh relationship and we have heaps of things to learn about each other, I want to stick around and find out more. We’re on the same page in too many ways for me not to. So my advice to you is simple, make time for the people who meet you on many levels, and put the others on your own G.F. list.

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Sharyn Atkinson has been single for twelve years—and no, she hasn’t been living under a rock and refusing to meet eligible bachelors in her hometown Melbourne, Australia. She’s just not interested in most of them, and the ones she is interested in still have their good and bad moments. In her first book “The G.F. List: One Woman, With a List of Men, Answering the Question Singles Hate”, Sharyn Atkinson shares her roller coaster-like romantic life in an effort to show women that they’re not alone in the dating world. Recognizing that people tend to find relationships difficult in one way or another, Sharyn wants to ensure no one ever gives up hope or settles for a semi-satisfying man. Sharing her sense of resiliency, Sharyn inspires readers to find their perfect match. After all, he might be right around the corner. While she would love to get married and start a family, she’s not settling for anyone in the process. In The G.F. List, she tells the stories of her dating experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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