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dating in the workplace
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Top Tips for Dating in the Workplace

With all of the time we spend at work, it’s easy to focus on the men we meet there, and the one in particular who caught our attention. For some, dating in the workplace is an automatic answer to the question of where will you find him? These tips just might help you keep your job, and your sanity, should things go awry.

Sneaking a Kiss

It’s exciting to sneak around and have secret meetings, though keep your rendezvous out of the office. You’re just asking for trouble. If you are dating in the workplace, discretion is your friend, and it’s a better friend than the co-worker you just told about your date.

If You Work Together

Have an agreement with each other so that you both understand that when you are at work you behave as colleagues, and not as if you are dating. It’ll help you stay focused so you each get your work done, and it will help you during those meetings when you think no one is noticing you two gazing at each other, except they are. Don’t underestimate your co-workers’ powers of perception, especially if they suspect there’s dating in the workplace.

Staying in Touch When You Are Dating in the Workplace

Don’t use company email to talk about your plans, what happened last night, or how much you like each other. Yes, you should have some measure of privacy at work, but technically you don’t. You’re at work and it might even say in the HR manual that your boss can read your email any time they like.

Are You Risking Your Job?

Some companies have a policy that inter-office relationships are not allowed. You can take the chance if you choose to, just know you did it with the knowledge that you could be reprimanded or worse. Could he be “the One” for you? Maybe, but are you willing to risk your career to find out?

Married or Single

Do I need to mention the issues of dating in the workplace if one or both of you are married? That’s just dousing the fire with gasoline. You might as well burn your career path, and your home life, right now.

If you are both single, take time to consider if there is a real chance for a relationship or is it just a fling? It could just be a work-based attraction where you both speak the same professional language, but don’t really have anything else in common outside the office. Yes, I know, you can make the argument that you have to date him to find out the answer. Nevertheless, you owe it to yourself to consider if the odds of this being a non-committal fling are higher than the potential for a real relationship. Somewhere inside you, there’s a notion of the answer. Listen to it and then make a decision you can live with regardless of what happens.

Dating the Boss

This top tip for dating in the workplace is the most risky. But, you already know that. Not only do you risk your heart, you also directly risk your job, and potentially your career with your company. If you proceed, be sure the risk is a two-way street. If you are taking the risk, but your boss does not seem to think here’s any for him, get out now. At least if it’s a two-way risk, you are both taking a chance with your careers.



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