7 Steps to Meeting Your Dream Woman Online by @AlexiaSaysLove

7 steps to meeting your dream woman
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7 steps to meeting your dream woman onlineDo you want to meet a woman online?  How about your dream woman online?  This can really happen if you just follow a few simple steps.  It needn’t be a difficult task but if you want to get it right first time round, then read these 7 steps to meeting your dream woman online now.

1. Ready to be online?

Firstly, are you ready to be online? Are you free from hang-ups about a recent ex and sexual exploits with other women? I recommend you leave between 3-6 months after a break up before you try online dating.  Are you clear about what you want from online dating? If it is something casual and fun, then there are other sites for that.  If you are ready for a new relationship, then you must ensure this is your ultimate goal and not get distracted by friends’ attitudes or another woman that you have your eye on in the ‘real’ world.

2. The perfect profile photograph

Take a good, clear photograph – pictures with any sign of a woman’s arm draped over your shoulder are a no-no.  Remember to smile.  A friendly, approachable face is likely to draw your dream woman to you.  Do not scowl, frown, try and look mysterious or do any type of pouting thinking you look cool.  Hats and sunglasses just get in the way and hide your features.  I would recommend having a selection of photos so a woman can get a snap shot of your personality and life eg, doing something you like or a photo to make a woman laugh, eg, at a fancy dress party  – this will indicate you’re a fun guy.

3. Describing your self

If you are not sure where to begin in writing a profile, then ask some family and friends to describe you.  Pick out the best bits of your personality, forgetting any bad habits you may have.  To get your dream woman’s interest from the offset, write something witty, interesting or light-hearted for a first line – do your research!  You also need to make sure you are accurate with your facts; do not say you love to travel if you have never left the country.  If you haven’t taken up rock-climbing but want to – say so!  Three paragraphs about you is enough.  Also, it is an absolute must that you proof-read and check your grammar and spelling.

4. Who is your dream woman?

Before even thinking about getting involved in a relationship, have a good idea of the kind of person your dream woman is.  Is she funny, educated, has her own home, has pets, likes art and enjoys cooking?  Try not to get distracted by attractive profiles of pretty blondes or brunettes with long legs!  Physical attraction is important but do spend time reading girls profiles to find out what their hobbies and interests are and whether they match yours.  Consider important things such as values and beliefs.  This will become clearer once you begin to message your dream woman.

5. The all important first contact

If you spot a potential date online, then winking should be your first move.  Follow this up with a message too.  Now a message just saying ‘hi, how are you?’ is pretty lame if you ask me.  Read her profile and respond with a more personal message.  You could ask her about her day or ask her about her job and hobbies.  Two short paragraphs are sufficient enough when you are sending the very first message.

6. Engaging with your dream woman online

There are two important things here: one, do not respond too quickly (give it a day) and two, do not leave it too long (more than 3 days looks like you are busy with other dream women online!).  As in a natural conversation, respond honestly and naturally and let the conversation flow as though you were on a real date.  That can only happen if you message within 24 hours.  Keep an eye on the flow of the conversation. If it is like pulling blood out of a stone then maybe she is not your dream woman.  You don’t want your time wasted.  But, if every time you see a message from her puts a smile on your face, then maybe is time to set up the all important date!

7. The first date arrangements

Simply put, you need to ask her out.  Find a good location between you both and make all the arrangements.  Be flexible and accommodating and ask her for her opinion.  Keep in touch via mobile phone and keep the momentum going, even though you may be feeling nervous.  The only thing that is left to do is to sort your clothes and hair to ensure you make a good impression.  You want to leave your mark on your dream woman and to ensure there will be chance to impress her on date 2.

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