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If you’ve been on an online dating site for more than thirty seconds or so, you’ve found yourself surfing through potential suitors online dating photos. I’ll admit it myself, I’m often pressed for time and will spend my precious minutes skimming through profile intros and saving or nixing guys based on the online dating photos they’ve posted. I occasionally wonder if I’ve bypassed the perfect man for me because he looked like a police mug shot in that selfie he had posted. So yes, first visual impressions are the number one consideration when dating online.

Bad Profile … Great Online Dating Photos

I recently read an article that had me laughing in a really uncomfortable way. A comedy writer began an experiment in online dating to see if there was point at which a woman became un-dateable. It went horribly awry.

She crafted a phony profile for a girl who was a nightmare. She answered questions like “What Do You Do Best” with “convincing people I’m pregnant LOL”. The profile was racist, mean, and manipulative – this girl would ruin any man’s life. The writer added a photo of a friend who agreed to let her image be used. She was cute, beyond cute – utterly adorable and kittenish sexy. The profile pulled in over 100 responses in about 24 hours! Guys…seriously…you’ve GOT to get past the photos and READ…don’t yell at me you know it’s true! The author, thinking that these guys maybe assumed “she” was kidding, messaged a few responders and tried her valiant best to convince them that she was going to make them regret meeting her. Hysterically, or sadly – depends on your point of view, they still wanted to meet her because she looked hot.

Headshot Dos and Don’ts

Ah yes, profile photos can be used for good … or evil. So the point here is, if you want responses to your online profile you’ve got to have the best most appealing photos of you posted. If not, then you can expect very few responses. If you really want make an impression with your profile, remember this:


  1. Post a photo of you standing in the distance. You standing a mile away not only doesn’t show what you look like, it’s also creepy
  2. Have out of focus shots. Also doesn’t show anyone what you actually look like.
  3. NO selfies or duck faces! Even twelve-year olds don’t do this anymore. They’re tacky.
  4. No shots of you with your dog, children, friends, cousins, your parole officer or of you after the drunken office holiday party.


  1. Post recent photos, ones taken in the last six months.
  2. Post at least one headshot and one full length shot.
  3. Keep them clear and in focus – we want to see what you look like. Likewise, make sure the lighting is good.
  4. GUYS: Keep your shirts on. SMILE and look at the camera as if the girl of your dreams just walked into the room. It’s OK to look a little flirty, as long as you look approachable and friendly.
  5. GALS: Unless it’s a photo taken at a formal affair, keep the hair and makeup simple. SMILE. It’s OK and even desirable to show a little cleavage – emphasis on a little. A taste of what may be awaiting your new beau can be flirty and fun, too much is just cheap.

If you don’t have something usable in the photos you have on hand then plan a photo shoot! Grab your camera and a friend with a good eye for composition and take photos, lots and lots of photos. Outside is ideal for this as just about everyone looks best in natural lighting. Have fun with it and let your personality show. When you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself this will show in the photos you take. The better your headshots, the better your response rate will be! Of course, once you meet you’ll have to fill your date in on all the personal details in your write up that never got read…;).

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