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valentines day the unstressful way
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Why do we make Valentine’s Day so stressful? Sometimes we become so focused on finding the perfect ‘thing’ to impress that special someone that we forget that celebrating romance, having fun, and spreading love with loved ones should be the main focus of this heartfelt holiday. When you make romance, fun and love your focus, Valentine’s Day becomes way less stressful and date night options appear seemingly out of nowhere. Here are some tips for enjoying Valentine’s Day and eliminating the pressure attached to wooing that special someone…

1. Be Creative This Valentine’s Day

Plan an experience rather than just eats and drinks. Take a wine tasting class, plan a ‘staycation’ in your town, get a couples’ massage, or create your own Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt that leads to your final date destination. Think outside the box and let your creativity make this a Valentine’s Day to remember for you and your love-interest.

2. Be Active

Plan or sign up for a fun couples activity. When you do something active together, you learn about one another and have fun in the process. Rock climbing, couples yoga, or even taking a salsa class are active examples of fun activity-based Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your Valentine.

3. Be Extra Sweet

If it’s the norm for you and your love-interest to buy gifts of appreciation for each other on a regular basis …why not add a sweet personalized note for him or her as an added Valentine’s Day bonus? This and other small added gestures can take your Valentine’s Day to the next level and help you score extra points in the romance department.

4. Be aware

Realize that your Valentines gift will send a message. The bigger and more expensive the gift, the bigger the statement and the more serious your love-interest will take you and your gesture. Stick with something small if you are starting something new and if you’re not looking to change your relationship status. If you’re ready to take things to the next level and you’re sure that your love-interest is on the same page, by all means go big. It’s important to be aware of the message your VDay gift will send before presenting it.

5. Be your own version of ‘perfect’

The phase ‘one size fits all’ does not apply in regards to Valentine’s Day. What is considered perfect for one person, might be an afterthought for another. The ‘perfect’ gift for your love-interest, will be something based on his or her interests, likes, preferences and passions…so pay attention!! Your love-interest is constantly giving you clues as to what gets them excited. These clues will lead you to a Valentine’s Day gift or experience that your love-interest will adore and regard as ‘perfection.’

6. Be your own Valentine

Why not do something for yourself to celebrate Valentines Day? It’s about love and appreciation, and that includes self-love! So if you find that you are without a Valentine this year, you can still treat yourself to something special…take yourself out on the town, treat yourself to flowers and candy…pamper yourself!

Whatever you do, don’t ignore Valentine’s Day altogether. Don’t let your action (or inaction) be the thing that causes drama in a promising new relationship. And if you’re single, do what you can to have an enjoyable holiday either on your own, with your single friends, or even with strangers at an anti-Valentines Day event. No matter what you choose, you deserve to feel the love! xo

Hugs and Valentines love,

Erin ‘The Dating Advice Girl’

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