10 Things To Enjoy Now That You’re Single By @MoniWaugh

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Now That You're SingleContrary to popular belief, all single girls don’t have a huge group of girlfriends they can call for a last minute night out on the town, or to have a hen session with to trash the guy who just dumped them.  Nor is every newly dumped girl looking to get under someone new to get over the last guy.  Sometimes there is no glory in taking semi-drunken photos with your friends to post online in an effort to show the world (mainly an ex) that single life is “sooo awesome”.  Personally, my photo album is a little light on the “Look at me I’m having so much fun though I’m going home alone” photos.

After the brooding and sulking there is a reinvention stage that most single women go through.  That stage doesn’t always have to lead to the self help section of the bookstore or ordering that ab sculpting DVD you saw on a late night infomercial.  Reinvention can be fun especially if your goal is all about you and not focused on attracting the next guy.

With my last breakup I took a humorous approach to changing my life.  I had a better time laughing at myself, rather than crying in my pillow.  Sometimes the steps to getting to know yourself, is indulging in all of the things you didn’t do because you wanted to be the perfect girlfriend.  On the road to self discovery don’t miss the fun times you are afforded because of your new freedom.  Good girls don’t stay single that long so enjoy these 10 things while you can.

Now That You’re Single – Change Your Diet

  •  Coming home from a long day and eating the leftover pizza you ordered the night before that is filled with all the toppings YOU wanted.  No more gluten free, vegetarian specials or robust pepper sausage and mushroom slices you only ate because your companion with the 5 o’clock shadow has eating restrictions or bad taste.  There’s no one waiting for a fresh meal.  Eat up and let the reheated pizza grease slide off of your chin with no shame.
  • Buying a Groupon for that cool restaurant for yourself.  No plus one required.
  • bookstore150Buying grown up groceries, not because you plan to follow a YouTube video with steps on how to cook the perfect shrimp for someone else, but because you are aware that your usual purchases make people think you have four hungry, sugar fed kids at home.  This includes but is not limited to cereals and yogurt with cartoon characters on the packaging.  Yes, you may have only picked up an onion because everyone you know has an onion in their fridge.  That onion may have spoiled behind the gross Greek yogurt all of your yoga loving friends swear by, but you made an effort.  Be proud.
  • Drinking cheap wine because sometimes you can’t tell the difference and a twist off cap saves time and energy.

Now That You’re Single – Get In Shape

  • Looking in the mirror and smacking your own butt.  You pulled out the good underwear today for yourself, not because you might be undressed later.  Your ex was right though, boy shorts are hot!
  • Stepping on the scale after a weekend of too much wine and ice cream and marveling in your capacity to maintain your weight pre- rave with Ben and Jerry.

Now That You’re Single – Get A New Wardrobe

  • Turning your favorite jeans into your favorite shorts after they ripped because of the friction from your thighs, and then walking outside like a DIY queen instead of spending hours with the thigh master to prevent further incidents.

Now That You’re Single – Fix Your Finances

  • Swiping your debit card after just blindly picking up a bunch items that were not on your list at the big box store, and not having to pray that it will not get declined forcing you to decide to put back your Cosmo magazine or your economy pack of Pringles.  These are the perks you get when you stop spending all of your extra cash on the food he likes to eat, and the surprise “I love you” presents.

Now That You’re Single – Take In The Arts

  • Signing on to your online streaming accounts and seeing that there are new episodes of your favorite shows that your ex never let you watch.  Yes, watching Peter Griffin fart for thirty minutes on “Family Guy” is funny but not everyday!  “New Girl” marathon anyone?

 Now That You’re Single – Achieve Life Long Goals

  • Finally becoming the mayor at your local Starbucks after your last check-in on Foursquare.  100 check-ins, 50 lemon cake purchases, and 187 cups of your own chocolaty concoction later.  It was totally worth it.


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