Haters Gonna Hate by @ProfileWingman

haters gonna hate
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We see them everywhere, hear it all the time, those damn haters gonna hate. hatersgonnahate Trying to bring us down with their ignorant and too-much-time-on-their-hands words of destruction. Infiltrating cute pictures and funny videos on Facebook.  Poisoning amiable and informative threads on LinkedIn.  Even bringing down the friendliest of online daters with their loathsome and bitter emails.  Often out of nowhere and unprovoked!  Who are these people and what is wrong with them?!

Haters Gonna Hate!

Try as we might to avoid emotion or worse yet, internalization, sometimes they manage to get under our skin.  Much like a parasite, the angry words fester and the negativity multiplies, causing us to squirm and cry out in pain and frustration.  Arghhhh!  I hate that!

There Are Days When You, Yourself, Might Be a Bit on Edge

bookstore150Usually those are called Mondays.  But whatever the case, if a hater comes into your scope of irritability, they’d better watch out.  You have this little red guy on one shoulder telling you to put the hater in his place, set him straight, ruin his dignity with your own intelligently crafted words and for all to see.  But then there’s this annoying guy with wings on your other shoulder telling you to be the bigger person, not to stoop to his level, try to be mature.  Ha!  Fat chance.  Who invited this wussy winged guy to the party anyway?   There’s really nothing more fun in the world than to tear apart some misguided internet troll with my searing prose, because words DO hurt.  Don’t mess with a writer buddy, you’ll get the proverbial horns.

But Then You Remember What Your Mom Told You

People who are mean and hurtful have their own issues – this is not actually about you.  This about them and their insecurities or whatever messed up childhood they had that brought them to this place of hostility and malice.  They try to make themselves feel better by putting you down.  Jerks.

I know, hard to keep that tidbit in mind when this ass clown is making fun of my Pee Wee Herman dance.  I’m sorry, but I happen to like tequila, thank you very much.  What’s it to you?!  Oh, whoops, I digress.

So The Point Is…

you know you’re a good, intelligent, sensitive, caring and all around good guy type of person.  It’s important to always keep that at the forefront of your mind when faced with adversity.  It will keep you strong and powerful against the likes of Charlie Sheen.  He is SO not winning. Like I said, haters gonna hate.  You just have to let them be and continue to travel down your virtuous and cherry tree lined path.  Stay true to yourself and your values.  They’ll get theirs, eventually.  They all do.




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Nanci Kavich is co-founder of ProfileWingman.com, a website that assists people with writing their online dating profiles. She is an expert in helping online daters who struggle with the writing of profiles and emails, the main focus always being honesty. She also offers endless tips and advice, knowing the dos and don’ts of the online dating world. Her clients include people from all walks of life and from all over the world, all with a common goal of finding love online.

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