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she is right 228x300 She Is Right by @lbigfootI love my wife and I love being married.  It was the best decision I made and I have no regrets, but my wife does some things that can very possibly drive me mad.  If I allow it, but she is right.

Her Driving

We go out together and she keeps saying, “Turn left!” “Watch out for the car!” “Watch out for the pedestrian!”

Wait a minute, she is not driving.  I can see the car.  A tortoise has enough time to cross the road.  But she is right!  On the other hand if SHE drives, I had better not say a word!  Sometimes I think that she likes to hear the cars hooting in my ear.  When she gives me directions on how to go somewhere, she will always say that this is the way she has been driving for years.  I try to tell her that today there is something called a GPS and not only that there is an extremely good Israeli invention which not only tells you how to get from A to B, but how to avoid traffic.  But she is right.  Forget the fact that the company was just purchased for an obscene amount of money. She is right!


She cannot do two things at the same time.  I did not ask her to, but I do not understand how calling a technician to come and fix something needs to wait a week because she has to go to the hairdresser or manicure or whatever.  Of course I could call and bring him in, but seeing as how I cannot make a time for her, what will be the point?  But she is right!  The alarm was broken and the technician was supposed to come on Thursday.  She postponed him till Friday because she needed to go and visit a friend.  It is not important that every time the alarm went off it, it rang me up in the middle of a meeting with my boss!

On the other end of the scale, if she asks me to do something, she means now!  Not in five minutes, but now!

bookstore1503 She Is Right by @lbigfootGroceries

In essence, I have no problem with her dragging me to buy groceries with her, but does it have to be at 9 pm?  I have had a 12 hour spin in the office and I would like to come home and have dinner with my wife, which I cook of course, and then rest up; but she is right, the fridge is empty.  In theory, she could have purchased some groceries when she finishes work at 3 pm.  The ideal solution would be for me to buy some at the supermarket which is next to my office.  I can walk there and then bring the items right home, but she wants to be there.  She is right; we will buy stuff we do not need.


[quote align="right" color="#999999"]it does not matter who is right or who is wrong, just that the truly minor issues do not get in the way of a happy marriage.[/quote] I will never complain about a woman’s shopping.  It seems that it is what calms them down, sometimes.  A kind of hobby – to buy a new pair of shoes.  I do not understand why she needs so many.  What I do have a problem with is why we need to buy new lounge furniture or vacuum cleaner.  What is wrong with what we have?  Can it not wait?  No.  The lounge furniture does not go well with the table we have just bought.  She is right!

Anger Management

These are only the tip of the iceberg of some things that irritate me, but I never get angry or upset.  The Talmud or Jewish law teaches us that there is never any merit to anger.  Very true.  If I react, then there will be an argument, so I have learned, as all men have, to say she is right!  In essence, it does not matter who is right or who is wrong, just that the truly minor issues do not get in the way of a happy marriage.  Check here for my thoughts on anger management.

Actually if I need some alone time, I can answer her back and then I get silent treatment for at least a few hours.  I can happily go and read a book.

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