Finding the Man of Your Dreams is an Inside Job by @PitchingTheWoo

finding the man of your dreams is an inside job
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I have to admit, I didn’t actually believe the Man of My Dreams existed––that is, until I met him. I’d compiled an exhaustively long list of Man-criteria and couldn’t readily imagine a guy who “had it all.” But that’s the interesting thing about conscious MANifesting®: you don’t actually need to believe, as long as you stop actively disbelieving.

What is required, however, is that you feel completely worthy of your Dreamboat even if–– paradoxically––you’re not really sure that he’s out there. Why? Because our minds are powerful transmitters of signals, and we receive back what we emanate. So if you don’t feel that you deserve an amazing Man (and deciding that you’re too picky and must settle is a big clue), the Universe simply echoes your assertions and will not send you a proper mate––until you change your order.inside job

You are a Powerful Creator

Have you ever bought a new car and suddenly started seeing that car everywhere, as if half the population just got the same make and model as you? That’s the Law of Attraction in action. Whatever you focus on is what shows up. And it’s true of everything in your life, though it can be challenging to see cause-and-effect, particularly when emotional stakes are high.

What is it that you’ve been broadcasting? When you realize that all your experiences begin in the invisible realm of thought, let that epiphany be cause for celebration and self-empowerment, not self-blame. Give yourself a break, but begin creating what you truly desire––by changing the channel in your mind.

So, What Do You Really Want?

Most people squander their mind-power by talking and thinking about things that displease them. It’s just part of our modern culture. But if you want to create something new for yourself––something outrageously delicious in the realm of romantic partnership––then you’ve got to break away from the herd. Find your backbone to stop “dishing” with others (and with yourself) about dates-gone-wrong, and I promise it will pay off handsomely.

Instead, savor your list of ideal Man-qualities, and start noticing examples of these in the world around you, without looking for Mr. Right or needing anyone to be The One. Just have fun appreciating each trait or situation, and use it to springboard your visualizing or fantasizing about being in a wonderful relationship. Perhaps one guy you encounter has the looks, another has the attitude, and another shares your passion for whitewater rafting, or whisky, or what-have-you.

Don’t worry about piecing them all together in the form of the complete Man-of-Your-Dreams because that’s not your job. Your job is to remain positive and focused almost exclusively on what you DO want. Your consistently positive “orders” and high vibrations are a green light for the Universe to deliver the goods––through whatever creative mechanism it chooses. There’s no need to figure it all out, and your attempting to do so using your rational mind only clogs up the MANifesting machine. So please, drop the scheming and calculating, trust more, and allow intuition and higher guidance to bring you there, one (seemingly unrelated) baby step after another.

Isn’t that just a bunch of New-Age Mumbo Jumbo?bookstore150

Well, you don’t have to believe that Life works this way in order to move forward, but if you dig your cynical high heels in, you’ll be doing yourself a grand disservice. That’s because no one can ever prove to you that the Law of Attraction is real. You must prove it to yourself. I recommend striking a deal with yourself and conducting an experiment in which you act as if your thoughts really are creating your reality, then see what happens. You’ll want to persevere and give it a little time though, because we live in a time-lagged system here on Earth. If our thoughts did materialize instantaneously, the whole manifesting process would be ridiculously obvious, as would be the motivation to upgrade your thoughts!

I’ve successfully applied these and other potent principles, which you’ll find in the book, “How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to MANifesting® Yours.” You can easily meet the Man of Your Dreams if you’re willing to work from within. In this Guide and its companion, “The MANifesting® Workbook,” you’ll find dozens of helpful tools for taming your wild mind and harnessing your power to create the relationship you long to be in. Give it a try––you’ve got nothing to lose but some tired old negative thinking––and your single status.



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Debbianne DeRose is an author and MENtor to MANifesting ladies worldwide. She specializes in uncommonly fun and down-to-earth interpretations of otherwise “woo-woo” metaphysical subjects for your empowerment and entertainment. In addition to her popular MANifesting® books, she’s also authored a hilarious and highly acclaimed memoir, “What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation.” Debbianne lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with the Man of Her Dreams. Visit for more thought-provoking insights.

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