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do not get married
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do not get marriedSay what? Isn’t it a bit late for me? “Do not get married!” “You will regret it!” “You will be emasculated!” “She will control you!” I heard all of these and more before I put the ring on her finger.  One friend said to me, “Take my Mercedes and run, don’t look back”.  Another friend said, “You’ve heard me complaining for fifteen years, are you nuts? Stupid? Or a glutton for punishment?”  You can listen to other bovinic turd (meaning bull) from my friends by reading this post.

“Do Not Get Married!”

Is this anyway to start a new life?  Frankly I was on my own for many decades and quite happy, so why take the plunge?  Why not listen to my friends who said “Don’t get married!” or how about a guy at work who said, “Why are you getting married now?  Why not continue having fun?”

Is this all food for thought?  A friend at work is getting married before the end of the summer holidays.  Should I tell him all the pitfalls about matrimony?  I already mentioned pros and cons in my previous post.  What do I know about marriage anyway?  I took the plunge and went boldly where others have been before.  Then the advice started coming in:

  • Don’t let her control you.
  • Put down the rules from the beginning.
  • Be a man.

The last one “Be a man” reminded me of this video:

I Like Being Married!

bookstore150People, as far as letting her control you is concerned, no one can control you unless you let them!  It is called give and take and compromise.  If I allow her to make all the social arrangements, is it called control?  No, I let her!  My sister wants to invite us for dinner, let her ask my wife.  I can ask my wife but she will tell me we are going to the Flintstones for dinner.  Does it bother me?  Nope, I do not have to cook or wash up and if the the couch is comfortable enough, I can sleep there!

Rules, rules, rules.  As any government knows, rules are made to be broken.  What are rules?  You are a couple now and there is compromise.  If you want a guys night, she can have a girl’s night.

Whoever said, “Do not get married!” does not know what he is missing out on! Kill Me Now!




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