A Story Of True Love by @lbigfoot

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True Love

“Where do I begin, To tell the story of how great a love can be”

~ Love Story

Call this a book review or actually a review of a short story, but the story is worthy of this blog.  A story of true love.  The short story is written by Jeffrey Archer and is called “The Queen’s Birthday Telegram“.  It is a part of a collection of short stories named “And Thereby Hangs a Tale”.  I recommend the book, as it has more than one story about dating and relationships.

A Story Of True Love

A man was reaching the ripe old age of 100 and was looking forward to the festivities.  Five years before his birthday he told his wife how much was looking forward to it.  He was going to be the very first person in the town to reach the magical age; to become the very first centenarian.  A telegram from the queen, a picture with the mayor, his name in the paper, the whole lot.

The day arrived and it was everything he dreamed of.  He stood before the town and proclaimed he was waiting to celebrate his wife’s 100th birthday in 3 years time.  He was over the hills with excitement and glee.  His wife looked on with true love in her eyes.

Three years later and his wife’s birthday arrives and she only wanted a small party.  No huge party!  No mention in the press!  No photo with the mayor!  She said that the excitement last time was enough.

bookstore150No Telegram From The Queen

But there was no telegram from the queen!  After a few days he phoned up Buckingham Palace and complained. “Has the queen stopped sending out congratulatory telegrams to centenarians?”

The man on the other end simply answered, “The Queen loves doing this but she sent your wife her birthday telegram FIVE years ago!”

True love indeed!  His wife did not want to take the excitement away from him!

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