True Devotion – Kim Calls her Baby North West by @Tara_Merry

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Although it has yet to be confirmed; a source close to the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is claiming the couple have shown their devotion by calling their new-born baby girl North… As in North West.

Neither Kim nor Kanye have actually come out and admitted that there is any truth in this interesting name choice and I imagine many are praying that this is all an elaborate hoax and maybe it is.

But until we know the truth I have decided to put a different spin on baby West’s potential last name.

If you’ve ever read my blog you know that I am unashamedly devoted to the Kardashians and that I would never dream of writing a negative word about Kim – Even though whenever I hear the name ‘North West’ I feel a pang of dread deep in my stomach.

So instead I’m going to say this:Devotion

Kim’s devotion to Kanye

Kim is the queen of negative media attention and her pregnancy has been no different, with many people criticizing her as a bad role model for conceiving her daughter with Kanye out of wedlock.

To which I role my eyes and remind everyone that this is the year 2013 and that if you chose to parent your children by shoving them in front of reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians you probably have more things to worry about than Kim’s pregnancy.

But Kim doesn’t need to be married to Kanye to show her devotion to him, because she has done so by naming her daughter something that goes cringing well with the surname West.

You know what that’s like? When you first start seeing someone and you think everything about them is so magically beautiful that you cannot fathom why the rest of the world doesn’t stop and stare every time they enter the room.
The extreme flushes of new love where you think that every fact that you have had the fortune of learning about them is the most fabulous thing you have ever heard in your whole life?

Even if it’s just their last name…

And that’s the level of devotion that Kim is at; she hasn’t watched her relationship develop through cynical eyes like the rest of us have, she doesn’t see Kanye as simply her new man, she sees him as her ONLY man. A man who she loves so much that she cannot possibly fathom how a name like North West could ever be perceived as anything less than an adorable tribute to her daughter’s father.

Which, when you think of it that way, is really quite sweet.


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