Thanks A Lot Michael Douglas! by @ChristyWrites

Thanks A Lot Michael Douglas
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Thanks A Lot Michael Douglas

Thanks A Lot Michael Douglas!

Thanks a lot Michael Douglas! Women around the world are muttering your name and not in a good way! Well if it wasn’t hard before to get your partner to perform oral sex on you it may be even harder since the news broke that Michael Douglas said his possible throat cancer was caused by a common STD HPV. His publicist has since retracted the statement, but sources say they have him on tape saying that HPV was one likely cause of his cancer. And just a few days ago he came out to say that no his wife Catherine Zeta Jones does not have HPV. So it makes us all scratch our heads as to was this a previous lover who may have given him HPV or just an idea? Because of his statement women are hoping this doesn’t make men cringe at the mention of going down on their lady parts.

We all know that men love to get blow jobs, so why they think women don’t love getting oral as well, is beyond me and other women out there. It’s not the most pleasant thing for both parties, but we do it to make our partners happy. A sexually happy partner is a lasting partner (for the most part!) I realize that going down on a girl isn’t exactly a trip to Baskin Robbins, but neither is us having to deal with our gag reflexes and lock jaw!

I am not saying you have to go down on your girl every time you have sex, but give the girl a break! Most girls do not have vaginal orgasms and they need more stimulation and if you aren’t helping her out down there than she should start skimping on helping you down there as well. Sex should be equally stimulating and it should never be one sided. There are ways to help you out if the smell is the possible culprit to your refusal of going downtown.

Tips To Help You and Your Woman Enjoy Oral Sex!

There are ways to make it taste better to you if that is the problem. So if you think your girl needs some pineapple juice to make it taste sweeter than you can subtly add pineapple to the breakfast menu! And girls I suggest adding pineapple juice to your daily routine! You can also add other fruits to your diet, but stay away from garlic, asparagus, and onions. You can also try edible panties and licking them off of her. They have so many flavors that I am sure there will be at least one flavor you will enjoy! Most of these tricks work within a day or two and they also work for men too!


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Christy Goldstein is a self employed writer from Columbus, Ohio. She is currently writing for, and Christy just became a certified relationship, life, and professional coach.

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  • June 14, 2013


    Oh my, HPV is a serious STD and yes it can lead to cervical/ovarian cancer in women, penile cancer in men, anal cancer, and if contracted by oral sex mouth/throat cancer. And men do have a higher chance of getting mouth/throat cancer if they have HPV in throat.

    Thus, Mr. Douglas should have talked about the HPV vaccine which helps prevent genital warts and cancer. It is a serious issue, more people should be aware of their sexual health!